differing BB speeds with different routers

  awest3 16:13 18 Aug 2012

Just trying to understand this. I have a dsg934 netgear router from which I get 2.62mb download speed. I thought I'd try one of the newer routers called a sagecom [email protected] 2304n however on connecting this I find my download speed has dropped to 1.5mb. I had the opportunity to try a couple more of these new routers and again only got 1.5mb. I've just tried an older Dlink router and again get 1.5mb. As soon as I put the neatgear router back in I'm back to 2.62mb. I've checked the speeds using a couple of the usual speed checkers each time. My understandiing of networks must be lacking somehwere as I did not think the router should affect the BB speed i get other than that due to the speed of the router itself 54 or 108.

  woodchip 17:02 18 Aug 2012

Not all Routers are Equal. And settings in them will need changing to suit your setup to get the best from them

  woodchip 17:14 18 Aug 2012
  woodchip 17:16 18 Aug 2012
  woodchip 17:21 18 Aug 2012

My speeds on the 3Com are Download 7234 kbps on a old Win98 wired connection and upload is 689 kbps On a 8Meg TT speed I get faster speeds on My Laptop using same router but WiFi

  woodchip 17:24 18 Aug 2012
  rdave13 17:57 18 Aug 2012

This link woodchip?

  spuds 19:17 18 Aug 2012

Different router's may work in different ways, and this can upset some speeds, depending on chipsets in the router's.

I have lost the link to a very good information article about this, but it suggested that with LLU's, it might be a case of getting the correct router to improve better performance, if there are any problems of speed or disconnections.

There is a wealth of information via this link, regarding broadband equipment etc http://www.kitz.co.uk but be prepared for a heavy read into the subject.

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