Differing AMD models

  gill 21:49 11 Aug 2006

H all, I am thinking of investing in a new computer and am puzzled by the differing models to choose from. I see AMD Athlon,AMD Athlon 64,and AMD Athlon XP.Can anyone tell me the difference between these models and which is deemed to be the best also, how do any of them compare with the Pentiun4 models? Many thanks for your help in advance.Gill

  SG Atlantis® 22:00 11 Aug 2006

Some you listed are old, ie XP and the athlon 64 is getting there...

How much ya got to spend and what do ya wanmt the computer for?

  gill 10:24 12 Aug 2006

Hi, SG Atlantis®, Thanks for your reply. I basically use the computer for Photoshop work and graphics but I do use the internet quite a bit.At the moment I have a rather antiquated AMD 1900Ghz xp and was told that this equated to about 1400 Ghz. so I was trying to find out what if any of the other AMD work on the same basis.
So what is the latest AMD and how does it compare with the Pentium 4?. As for how much I wish to spend ,well like most people I guess, I want the best I can get for the least money.
Thanks again for your help. Gill

  SG Atlantis® 11:57 12 Aug 2006

CPU comparison isn't straight forward... it's no longer based on just ghz.

Well pentium 4 is a name intel used for quite a while, covering many families of chips. They are now replaced by conroe et al. AMD latest are the athlon 64, x2, the fx range for gaming and the new AM2 range.

Unless you give some examples, or machines you're interested in, I can't give an opinion.

  gill 12:15 12 Aug 2006

Hi, I have been looking at the PC's for auction on Ebay and the dropdown list give:- AMD Athlon,AMD Athlon 64, AMD Athlon XP,AMD Duron,and AMD Sempron + the Pentiums. I just need a middle of the range computer as I dont play games and with all these names to choose from,I got rather confused as to which would be the best buy. Gill

  SG Atlantis® 12:26 12 Aug 2006

click here

you couldn't do worse than one of these... you'll need OS and monitor on top. Would last ya years given your stated needs, more than capable of Vista should you want it.

  gill 14:09 12 Aug 2006

Which model is the most up to date?

  SG Atlantis® 14:10 12 Aug 2006

both, just one is slightly faster than the other with a bit more memory.

The lower priced one, is the one I was suggesting for you.

  gill 14:17 12 Aug 2006

SG Atlantis® Thanks for your help. Gill

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