Different value memory in slots

  dfb70uk 11:19 19 Jun 2008

I am helping a friend improve his computer.I went on Crucial's site to check the memory. To my amassement they suggested adding a 512 Mb to the existing 256Mb.
I always thought these all had to be the same value.
I suppose lack of memory is the problem as it has only 254Mb, using XP sp2.
It gets slower and eventually you get the close Program box and you have to wait minutes for everything to clear. If you drag a box down you get a string of the blue tops down the screen very pretty, but not helpful.

  pj123 11:32 19 Jun 2008

Yes, you can mix but I would be inclined to get 2 x 512mb and replace the 256mb.

You can always sell the 256mb on eBay!!

  chub_tor 11:33 19 Jun 2008

No they don't have to be the same memory value but it does make for a better chance of stability if they are from the same manufacturer and the same speed.

  Strawballs 12:10 19 Jun 2008

I have 1 @ 512 and 1 @ 128meg in one of my machines it was the very old DIMM Ram that had to be maching pairs

  dfb70uk 10:20 20 Jun 2008

Thanks everybody for your comments.
Can anybody confirm that the problems are due to too little memory rather than a fault in the system.

  Strawballs 10:42 20 Jun 2008

256meg is a little low for XP but it should not be as bad as you are describing I would run things like Adaware click here

Spybot search and destroy click here

  dfb70uk 16:55 20 Jun 2008

Thanks Marge 7,
I had defraged it for him it was awful ( it took so long on Windows he hardly ever bothered) so I fixed him up with Disc Keeper.Likewise with Ram xp pro.I can't remember if I checked the HDD for errors so I will check again I've got to check the Virtual memory as well. I am not sure about adjusting the graphic memory I should say this is a Dell which nobody seems to like! My daughter's laptop works fairly well on 256Mb so something is wrong somewhere.
Thanks Strawballs
I will look into Adaware although Norton is loaded and I put on Ashampoo Win optimiser and might put on CCleaner.

  Strawballs 23:14 20 Jun 2008

Norton will slow down a PC it is resorce hungry.

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