Different Tiscali home pages

  LinH 12:39 15 May 2006

Is it me......

I've got my desktop and laptop switched on and they have different Tiscali home pages.

Is this normal? Obviously it makes no difference, I'm just curious.


  Diodorus Siculus 12:53 15 May 2006

Tiscali, like many other websites, display different pages at different times - it will depend on when you log on, when you last logged on and so forth.

If you clear out all temp files from both machines, you might well find that they both show the same homepage next time.

  LinH 13:05 15 May 2006

Diodorus Siculus

Thanks for that and you are dead right.

Purely out of curiosity I cleared out all temp files and cookies, turned the machines off and then switched them both on. The result was two identical home pages.

The amusing thing with the different home pages was one machine displaying joining Tiscali for £14.99 and the other displaying the same for £12.99!

Anyway, cheers.


  rawprawn 13:35 15 May 2006

You sshould have snapped up the £12.99!
while you had the chance. -:)

  Shas 13:54 15 May 2006

"You sshould have snapped up the £12.99!
while you had the chance. -:)"

According to my home page, the offer's open until 17th May.

  Stuartli 14:53 15 May 2006

Tiscali has a basic home page and one for broadband users (www. tiscali.co.uk/broadband)

  LinH 15:06 15 May 2006

I have indeed made the change to the lower tarrif, several days ago in fact!

  LinH 15:12 15 May 2006

Woops! my lousy spelling > tarrif should read as tariff of course

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