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  davecooper 20:46 24 Sep 2008

I use Office 2007 at work and at home. My wife wants to get back up to speed on Word/Excel etc as she is hoping to move back into the administrative side of her job. However, they are still using an older version of office and she wants to practice at home before an inerview. Can I reinstall my old version of Office alongside my current one so that we both have access to our own versions?

  Terry Brown 21:07 24 Sep 2008

I assuming the older vision is Office 2003, if so download the compatability from Microsoft click here and you can read Office 2007 files on your Office 2003 system.

  Simsy 21:28 24 Sep 2008

it'ok to have 2 versions of "MS Office" on a PC, but the earlier version must be installed first if there are not to be problems.

(This doesn't apply to "Outlook", which must only have a single version installed).

If you want to install the earlier version it might be best to UNinstall the 2007 version then rinstall it after 2003 has been installed.

Alternatively, the principles are the same so you might have some joy with just staying with the 2007 version and installing some software that makes 2007 look like earlier versions; ie it uses the classic menu bar. I've seen reference to it, and have seen pics of it, but I'm afraid I don't know any more about it!

Good luck,



  lotvic 21:55 24 Sep 2008

Office 2003 online training course (free) from microsoft click here

  Fermat's Theorem 21:58 24 Sep 2008

referred to in Simsy's last paragraph is Microsoft's Interactive Command Reference Guide.

It's available for Word 2003 to Word 2007 here click here

There is a similar one for PowerPoint - so I assume they did the same for Excel etc.

Hope this helps :-)

  DieSse 02:00 25 Sep 2008

Make Office 2007 look like Office 2003

click here

Google the first sentence for other suggestions.

  Picklefactory 10:13 25 Sep 2008

You will get a nuisance issue. We recently upgraded at work from Office 97 to 2007 and for an interim period we left both versions on our machines. The 'nuisance' issue is that when you have been using the older version and then proceed to use the newer one, Office 2007 goes through a small re-installation routine. Maybe not the best explanation, as it only takes a few minutes, so not exactly an install as such, but the message it displays relates to installation. This will happen each time you go from old to new version, and the time it takes will obviously depend on the speed of your machine. They both work fine and never had any functional problem, just this annoyance when switching from one to the other.
There isn't any problem opening old version after new, just new after old.

  Simsy 10:30 25 Sep 2008

provided is what I'd seen.
I'm sure it's what would solve things for you.

Good luck,



  davecooper 19:27 25 Sep 2008

Thanks guys. Making Word 2007 look like the old classic word is exactly what I want. Will be trying the suggested links.

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