Different ISP and connection speeds

  Nick Name no Name 22:41 30 Mar 2003

I have had untold problems with very slow connection speeds with my ISP, (which are always below) 40,000bps. In fact I would be very lucky if I even get any where near 40,000 bps.
I am not expecting broadband type speeds but am fed up of the appalling speeds of my ISP.
If I change ISP will this improve my connection speeds and overall performance?

I am using: Win98 PIII 550, 128 SDRAM, IE6, and last not least 56K US Robotics Modem.

Thanks in advance to Forum advisors

Yours sincerely

Nick Name (Roger)

  Lozzy 22:57 30 Mar 2003

who is your isp,,

  darksky 22:58 30 Mar 2003

hi there, I am with freeserve anytime and always connect at either 38,666 or 40,000 - this is with a pentium 3--450mhz.
However the same line and same account on my laptop (celeron 1ghz) gives either 42,500 or 45,000? I don't know why this is?? Perhaps someone out there does?

regards xx

  rct 23:01 30 Mar 2003

It may well be your telephone line. However to see if it's your ISP try a FreeNet guest account:

Username: guest2
Password: London

Dial-Up No: 0845 662 6000
or 0845 662 1100

  rct 23:04 30 Mar 2003

The fact that one machine reports a higher connect speed doesn't really mean anything; the connect speed is the speed of the connection at the point of authentication. Modems change speed (retrain) throughout the call. One of your modems is simply "more aggressive" than the other, the one that connects at the lower speed may well increase its speed during the call and vice versa.

  darksky 23:15 30 Mar 2003

thanks rtc xx

  woodchip 23:29 30 Mar 2003

Try removing all other telephone equipment just to test your speed

  woodchip 23:30 30 Mar 2003

But it sounds like a bad line

  Stuartli 23:59 30 Mar 2003

I have two ISPs, Pipex and Tiscali.

Checking my 38-year-old telephone line on 17070 my system returns an extremely quiet line, even though I've got a cordless phone, two extensions, an answering machine and, of course, the modem on a 15ft extension cord link.

At all times the Pipex link is much superior to Tiscali and remains consistent, whereas Tiscali varies each time I dialup.

This, however, has only arisen since I updated my modem driver - before then I always got 50.7kbps with Tiscali (a friend gets 52 on a "soft" modem) and the same with Pipex. Think I'll go back to the original driver....

  Stuartli 00:08 31 Mar 2003

Just one more point. Why not check out if a new .init string will help?

Go to:

click here

for a list for your modem.

  Nick Name no Name 00:34 31 Mar 2003

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to all forum Technical advisors regarding my slow ISP connection speeds.
I will certainly try the suggestions

Yours sincerely
Nick Name (Roger)

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