a different HDD in another PC

  Magik ®© 12:33 07 May 2005

hi, one of the grandkids has a compaq PC running windows 95.I have HDD with win98se which i was keeping a spare, would their PC work if i just took out their HDD and nailed the one i have in.


  selfbuild 12:46 07 May 2005

I doubt it..... in the early days (which the PC in question probably is), Compaq in their wisdom thought it a good idea to put the BIOS on the hard drive.

So unless your spare drive came out of an early Compaq then it probably won't work.

  Magik ®© 13:00 07 May 2005

thanks for that, the HDD i have is out of an Evesham...oh well, i will think of plan B.

  dan11 13:08 07 May 2005

Can't see why not. It will certainly ask for the windows 98 disk as it boots, as it will have a lot of hardware changes. Compaq hard drives do fail and they are replaced by normal hard drives.

Why not give it a whirl, it will only take you a few minutes to try. You may be suprised. ;-)

  Magik ®© 13:10 07 May 2005

yes, why not.......I will report back....

  pj123 13:41 07 May 2005

I am inclined to agree with selfbuild here. Unless of course you have the motherboard disk for the Compaq. You will get so many "Found new hardware" prompts which won't find anything that it wouldn't be worth trying.

  Chegs ® 14:05 07 May 2005

I have used a Compaq Pressario(with OS installed via Recovery Discs)When it screwed up and refused to load the Recovery CD's,I used a standard 98se CDR to reinstall the OS,and then spent several days wandering around Compaqs URL downloading all the "SoftPaq"s (drivers)for the PC.This PC is still in use(not by me)and has had its HDD upgraded with a "spare" hdd I had from a Dell PC(15Gb Compaq 2 30Gb Dell)The OS notified me of any "changed" hardware,and asked for the location of the correct driver.The Dell also had ME(Recovery CDR)on its HDD.

It is possible to swap hdd's between different PC's,as long as you realise that you will need to modify the various drivers.Its likely that the new HDD will simply chuck a BSOD,if its preinstalled drivers conflict somewhere.

You won't know what will happen till you try. :-)

  dan11 14:30 07 May 2005

This lappy is an upgraded compaq armada. The hard drive was 17gig and running win98se. I swapped it for a 40 gig and loaded XP straight away. All drivers were available from the compaq website. The 17 gig laptop hard drive is now in a usb2.0 caddy and still works fine.

Also have upgraded desktop compaq's before to windows 98se. All drivers not found have been available on the compaq website. The only problem I ever incounted was the upgrade of a 10 gig ( win95) to a 40 gig ( win98se ). This was a bios limitation. Using a 30gig hard drive got around this problem, the bios had a maximum capacity of 32gig.

  Magik ®© 15:34 07 May 2005

hi all, got the old drive out, the cage it went into was twice the size of my drive, so i connected it up and left it on the side, pressed the "on" button and stood back :-) the win98 logo came up :-)) then it said "found new hardware, locating software, installing software, and so it went on about a dozen times at least, in the end it got there....altered the display, can not get it to 32bit, but it all looks ace,compaq had fitted some spare screw holes in the cage and my drive fitted in, put it all back together... then put in the BT voyager software to try it, and a wireless usb access point,and lo and behold it connects to broadband, bit slow, but it connects everytime...so there you have it..from win95 to win98se in a couple of hours.........thank you all for the help. nice one .......

  dan11 15:42 07 May 2005

Nice one, Magik ®© lol

It's always worth the try. ;-)))

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