Different Hard drive

  simmark3 20:57 21 Nov 2007

My current hard drive is too small and I want to install a different hard drive from a pc that is burnt out. Both PC's run Windows XP. I know I need to set my current PC's BIOS to boot the cd drive only and extract my current HD. I then would replace it with the larger HD and insert the XP disk. Would I experience any issues with this? Everything would seem to be capatable.

  PalaeoBill 11:17 22 Nov 2007

The easiest thing to do will be to put both Hard Drives into your PC.
One drive needs to be set as a master and one as a slave, via jumpers that are usually on the back of the HDD between the power & idc connectors.
Do a Google of the manufacturer/model no of each drive to get the jumper settings (if these are not on a sticker on the drive itself).

Some destructions for setting jumoers can be found here:
click here

If you don't want to re-install XP and all our applications, you can use free software to clone the small HDD onto the larger HDD. I have used XXCLONE to do just this.
click here

When you have done this, just swap the master slave designations of the two drives.

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