Different format to document after reinstalling

  bjabers 09:43 11 Jul 2007

I should be very grateful for someone's help! I have had to purchase a new computer and therefore had to reinstall everything. I have been working on my family history for many years and having made previous backups of my important Microsoft Word documents (including my family history), I find that when launching Word on my new computer and importing my family history document, it has changed all the formatting which means certain parts have been carried over to another (new) page. Having looked through all the help index in Word and tried various formatting tabs, I have no idea how to change this back to my original formatting and shall be very grateful if someone could help me please.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:13 11 Jul 2007

Ensure that the paper size is the same now as it was when the document was created - often it will default to "letter" rather than A4 for example.

  Taff™ 10:19 11 Jul 2007

Also check that the margins haven`t been changed. Try tweaking them slightly and see if the document resets itself.

  bjabers 10:33 11 Jul 2007

Thank you both for your replies. Diodorus Siculus, I have followed your suggestion and this has worked. Taff™, your suggestion has also helped. However, I have just discovered that all the fonts I had saved from my previous computer have not been imported, therefore the font I was using has not been recognised and it has used the nearest one, which is completely different!! Do you have any suggestions how I might recover the missing fonts? Thanks once again ...

  Simsy 10:34 11 Jul 2007

"importing my family history document"... What exactly do you meant by "importing"?

Did you copy/paste the content of the original into a new document? If so, it is likely that what you've experienced will happen.

Or have you opened the actual, original document in the new computer? If so I'm not sure why this would have happened.

I'm not expert in "Word" myself, so I acn't offer much advice on this, but just so we're clear, It is/was "Word" on both the old and new PCs is it, not another word processor?

Was the original saved as a "Word" document, rather than, for example .rtf ?



  Simsy 10:36 11 Jul 2007

typing together!

Do you still have access to the old PC? If so you could copy the contents of the "Fonts" folder from the old to the new.



  Diodorus Siculus 10:40 11 Jul 2007

Failing Simsy's suggestion, do you know the name of the missing fonts?

  bjabers 10:41 11 Jul 2007

Simsy, many thanks ... by importing I meant launching from my saved documents folder the original document and yes, I am using Word on my new computer and was on the old one, and the document is in Word format.
Regards, bjabers

  bjabers 10:54 11 Jul 2007

Thanks once again to all ... Simsy, no I don't, all my documents etc., were backed up before disposing of the old one. Diodorus Siculus, yes - but where can I retrieve them from?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:57 11 Jul 2007

If you give the names of them here, someone may have them or be able to tell you where to get them.

  bjabers 15:01 11 Jul 2007

Many thanks for all your help - problem now fixed

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