Different Between a 400W & 300W power supply

  Weeby Vuit 13:08 17 Jan 2003
  Weeby Vuit 13:08 17 Jan 2003

Different Between a 400W & 300W power supply

  graham 13:09 17 Jan 2003


  mark3110 13:11 17 Jan 2003


  Weeby Vuit 13:12 17 Jan 2003

No what will it do to my system

  Lozzy 13:15 17 Jan 2003

Either he is taking the **** or he does not know how search.. I reckon the first

  DieSse 13:16 17 Jan 2003

It won't do anything to it - but it should give extra capacity to run more things in the system.

Note - the overall wattage is a very crude measure - there are 300W supplies that are better than some 400w supplies. In PSUs (as in most things), quality counts.

  Tog 13:18 17 Jan 2003

The W refers to Wattage (power), the bigger the number the more power the PSU will churn out on demand. The more components that you have fitted to your PC the more power you need. If the PSU isn't big enough, it causes problems.

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