Differences in GeForce 550 Ti Cards

  wmossuk 02:49 08 Jul 2012

Hi Guys,

Apologises if this is a really silly question but I'm pretty new to PC Building. I'm looking at Graphics cards for my new build and am a bit confused. My question is, why are the two cards listed below so different in price? I've compared their specks and if anything the cheaper one is better? Am I missing something?

http://www.ebuyer.com/345289-gigabyte-g ... 550wf2-1gi

http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showprodu ... ubcat=1810

Thanks guys!

  frybluff 06:51 08 Jul 2012

Link to card on overclockers didn't work, so not sure which you are comparing with. Can you confirm.

  KRONOS the First 08:13 08 Jul 2012

The other one is this one. Gigabyte.

As for differences,there aren't any they are the same card. Both have the same Manufacturer ID: GV-N550WF2-1GI

  wmossuk 14:15 08 Jul 2012

Hey guys, sorry but the over clockers one your looking at wasn't the one i meant. the one I meant is this one


I know it says its over clocked but from what I can see I don't understand why its over £60 more expensive?

  KRONOS the First 14:29 08 Jul 2012

I think there is some mistake here the Ebuyer GPU is a 5500Ti whilst the Gigabyte GPU is a 560Ti, the 500ti is a pretty rubbish card but the 560 is pretty decent, particularly for gaming.

The link in my first post is correct as although your link to the Overclockers card was broken I got enough information to find the GPU by the last four numbers in the link,1810

  wmossuk 14:39 08 Jul 2012

Ok cool. I guess my next question for everybody is this:

I am about to build my first gaming pc :) What graphics card is the best for a budget of between £100 -£150?

  wmossuk 15:02 08 Jul 2012

Is the best card for that range the GT 560 then?

  KRONOS the First 15:29 08 Jul 2012

OK the GTX 560Ti is far better than the GTX 550Ti and as your budget is between £100-£150 can I suggest this GPU GTX 560 which if you look here compares very well with the GTX 560Ti.

  wmossuk 15:54 08 Jul 2012

Brilliant thanks for this help.

Next stupid question ;) - Does it matter about the make of the GTX 560 is? As I see there are manufacturers like EVGA and Gigabyte

  KRONOS the First 16:00 08 Jul 2012

I like EVGA as the have an excellent customer/warranty service. But generally it does not matter.

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