Difference in Broadband speed on different laptops.

  HHGTTG 17:41 03 Sep 2012

I have two Acer laptops one being only a few weeks old, the other about two years older. The older has an i3 Intel processor whilst the newer has an i5 Intel processor. I conducted, this morning, using Speedtest.net some download tests and found that the 'old' laptop was returning higher download results in excess of 16Mbps whilst the new one returned figures of about 12 to 13 Mbps. The new one is running I.E9 and the 'old' one I.E8. Both have Avira anti virus software on them although slightly different versions but other than that, with my limited computer knowledge - relatively speaking, cannot explain this. The newer one does often seem tardier in rendering websites but you get used to that after a day or so. I do alternate the use of these laptops. Both are used wirelessly. I don't have auto updates 'on' on either laptop.

  Aitchbee 19:43 03 Sep 2012

I am experiencing a similar conundrum...my 'dial-up' internet connection appears to be about three times faster than my mobile modem broadband connection. Both with Virgin. ( browsing PCAdvisor on both machines) when I try to display The 'dongle' tariff ie what I've got left on my monthly allowance, I get the message 'not available, try again later'. Both computers have similar specs/overheads etc.

  Woolwell 20:22 03 Sep 2012

Are both laptops in the same position when tested?

For best results test both connected by cable to the router.

  frybluff 20:59 03 Sep 2012

If you do a speed test, with each connected via ethernet, you should be able to determine whether it's wi-fi issue, or another laptop problem. May well prove to be to do with driver for the network adaptor, on slow one. I had similar problem, with new laptop, which turned out to be manufacturer had put WRONG driver, for adaptor (not just out of date one)

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