Difference between an NIC and a PCI adapter?

  YinHoNg 16:01 05 Jun 2005

What is the difference between an NIC and a PCI adapter?

  bremner 16:07 05 Jun 2005

A NIC is a network interface card - this can either be on a PCI card which you plug into a PCI slot inside your computer or on most new computers built into the motherboard. This is normally the name for wired systems.

A PCI adapter is just another name for the same thing - but normally associated with wireless networking click here=

  YinHoNg 21:45 05 Jun 2005

oh ok. thanks. That's cleared it up for me.

  YinHoNg 21:45 05 Jun 2005

ACtually, one more question: would you say a PCI adapter is a TYPE of NIC then? or not....

  Djohn 22:59 05 Jun 2005

Yes, I would say that and the opposite applies as well, they are both cards that fit into your PCI slots for use with a network connection, or just to use with a router if you have the one PC.

I have the NIC card and my wireless netgear router connected by wire to it. The wireless option will come into use when I add a laptop later on in the year.

  YinHoNg 23:11 05 Jun 2005

Do i need to have a computer physically connected to my wireless router if i wanna set up a home network?

  Djohn 23:22 05 Jun 2005

To set up the network you need the router to be connected to your PC's by either wire or wireless, even a mix of both, it depends on what you have and what equipment you intend to buy.

My wireless router could have been connected to my desktop with a PCI adapter like you describe with an aerial on the back of it. then the PC would speak to the router wireless. I chose a wired connection for my desktop simply because the cable came with the router and the router sits on top of my tower unit.

The router is connected to the phone socket and has 4 ports on the rear, one is in use for my desktop PC leaving three spare to be used with a wired connection, then I have the wireless side, not sure how many Machines I can connect this way as I've not yet read the full details.

  dan11 23:49 05 Jun 2005

" not sure how many Machines I can connect this way "

Theoretically it is 254, as 0 and 255 are used. Most do not connect more than 20 WiFi devices to one router.

  YinHoNg 00:43 06 Jun 2005

K i've done it. I've got two computers both independently linked to broadband via my wireless router(thus each comp has a pci card in it). I've run windows xp set up a home network wizard.
The only problem now is that every time i try to access the other computer's files, it takes AGES! just to open the folder takes long(like a computer with too many spyware on it). Is that normal?

Just to let you know my wireless network specs are:

3COM ADSL router 54Mbps
(in my comp) Linksys Instant Wireless PCI Network Card 11mbps.
(in my sis's comp) D-link PCI card 56kbps

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