Difference between DVD and CD ?

  gel 07:40 10 Jan 2009

Could some one explain please the difference between blank DVD discs and CD discs and which type of disc you would use for what.
Thank you

  mooly 07:46 10 Jan 2009

Most obvious one is capacity. A CD is around 0.7gb as against 4.7gb for a DVD. Personally I don't like discs for backup, and use a flash memory card/stick etc.
Remember to that DVD discs come as different types, -rw +rw etc, so be sure to get ones compatable with your equipment.

  gel 07:52 10 Jan 2009

Thank you mooly
That was a a quick reponce
I too use memory sticks mainly but I want the discs to play on DVD player for my TV to show photo's

  mooly 08:18 10 Jan 2009

A lot depends on whether your DVD player can handle formats other than just "movies" If it can cope with jpg images then you should be able to burn those to either a DVD or CD to view on the TV. If not then you have to create a disc that appears as a normal film to the player, which can be done.
Are you using Vista ? as that lets you create discs, rather nicely actually with themes and effects etc. It's not something I am expert in really, don't do much in the way of pictures !
The crucial thing is whether the player recognises jpg images on a disc.

  Les28 09:25 10 Jan 2009

If your DVD player can't handle jpeg's, you could turn your jpeg photo project into a video DVD project.

Sometimes I incorporate a still collection of jpeg's into a video I'm making, usually say a holiday movie clip plus still photos taken on holiday, they all combine to become a video DVD.

You could try with Windows Movie Maker, inserting your pictures, adding transitions, fades, wipes etc, saving the file to your computer as a DV-AVI file, then later burning that file as a DVD video disk.

DV-AVI files are large, but will be reduced automatically by the DVD burning software to between a third and a quarter of their size, so what seems it may not fit on a DVD video, will.

  gel 09:35 10 Jan 2009

Thank you very much
I will digest and try your suggestions.
I may be back with further queries so I will not tick the resolved box just yet

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