The difference between Athlon64 and Opteron?

  ddd3 11:56 04 May 2004

In plain English, please!!! :)

Right now, at the first site I found, the bottom of the range A64 3000+ is ?133 and the Opteron 240 is cheaper at ?128, but at the top of the range the A64 3400+ is ?246, but the Opteron 248 is ?555! Mind you, they don't seem to have memory or motherboard for the Opterons so I guess that rules them out a little bit...

Incidentally, the A64 FX-51 is ?442, and the FX-53 is ?449. All that time in development, and it's only worth an extra 7 quid?

Brain hurts. Need help...

  SANTOS7 12:01 04 May 2004

Q: What are the differences between the AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors?

A: The upcoming AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon 64 processors are designed for different markets. For the server/workstation market, the AMD Opteron processor will undergo more stringent validation and reliability testing. Another difference will be in the number of HyperTransport links embedded on the chip. The AMD Athlon 64 processor will contain one HyperTransport link offering 6.4 GB/s data transfer while the AMD Opteron processor will offer three links. The processors will also contain different amounts of cache.

  ddd3 15:33 04 May 2004

So given that clock speed is no longer everything in today's market, simply put, for the same clock speed an Opteron would be better for heavy drain usage (Like gaming I guess...) but for your average home user/surfer there's unlikely to be much noticable difference?

Is it true that the Opteron will currently work with Linux but not with Windows?

And finally... Why is this stupid messageboard replacing my pound signs with questionmarks?????

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