gel 10:00 10 Dec 2006

Could someone please tell me the difference,if any, between a DVD-RW disc and a DWD+RW disc.
Thank you

  Technotiger 10:02 10 Dec 2006
  gel 10:07 10 Dec 2006

Thanks 'Technotiger' You learn something every day.
Could you explain the implications ,please.But not too technical

  Technotiger 10:11 10 Dec 2006

Quite simple - there are no implications, purely personal choice - does not matter which you use.

  gel 10:13 10 Dec 2006

Thanks a lot

  Technotiger 10:20 10 Dec 2006

My pleasure.

  jack 10:57 10 Dec 2006

Thank you too for that info TT .
The merits of the + and - in both CD and DVD have been debated for a long time but what really matters is to the user ,is it relevant.
Would say a DVD+ play on more machines than say a -?
Or does one offer more or better- whatever over the other.
This I have not as yet found a definitive answer, only opinions - informed or otherwise.
Which goes for much in this high-tech world- as manufacturers strive to out compete- new things or the same thing with a new bell are sold as the ultimate-when in fact the real difference is marginal

  Technotiger 11:00 10 Dec 2006

Hi, my pleasure, and I agree with your comments.

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