Did you buy or build your pc (or both)?

  I. T. Mastermind 01:45 20 May 2007

Well let me start by saying this thread is just for general interest and while i'm sure this has been covered in the past (no posting of other related threads please) there are alot of new members on this forum and i'm just curious as to what the attitude is like nowadays. Personally I've been building computers for nearly ten years now and have built more that I can possibly remember. My main reason for building them is I like to break down the cost into small chunks and its great fun for me. So my question is what do you people do buy or build? (or perhaps both if you've got more than 1 pc)

  MAJ 02:12 20 May 2007

Perhaps you might be better posting this in the Speakers' Corner forum click here as this is the Helproom forum, I. T. Mastermind.

  rdave13 07:04 20 May 2007

On my fourth PC, all bought, and don't have time to build them as I'm here most of the time.

  sunny staines 08:00 20 May 2007

built a few now, some no problems others been jinxed with minor problems, had no major problems with a self build.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:54 20 May 2007

Built loads over the years for myself and other people.

Only problems have been self inflicted, like forgetting to connect 4 pin power cable, or connection not pressed home far enough.

However I bought my last PC (Medion) as I couldn't source the parts or sofware as cheaply.

  Gongoozler 09:58 20 May 2007

Bought in 1995 and progressive upgrades since then. None of the original bits for about 5 years.

  skidzy 10:14 20 May 2007

After a power surge last year possibly due to a thunderstorm at that time,my mobo blew as did the psu.
I spend a lot of time here at PCA and had read enough threads to tackle rebuilding this system.

This i did with a bit of help from forum members,now the pc sits in one of boys bedroom and been absolutely fine to date.

The only parts that are original are the case and harddrive with the os preinstalled.

The satisfication of rebuilding this system was amazing,i was really chuffed.

Though my knowledge is fair with computers,building them was a new experience and i loved it.I have rebuilt a few now and plan on another in the summer,just for fun and parts bought cheaply off Ebay etc.

I would recommended anyone to try a rebuild/new build a computer if they can afford it and dont mind the challenge.

Though with todays prices its still cheaper to buy new.

  Legolas 13:27 20 May 2007

I have built my last 4 desktop systems but I seldom use it.

I am now firmly into laptops and I doubt if I wil be building any of them.

If friends/family ask me to build them a system I now put them off as ready built systems are so cheap.

  theDarkness 15:23 20 May 2007

you ppl referring to ready built systems from independant local stores, or high st chains (pc world/currys etc)? i wouldve thought the latter was always going to be where more money was wasted when buying a system. i know pcworld always try and get a 2 to 3 year extra deal out of you after purchase of a pc, for their repair services, which arent always that necessary. they usually also relate to some high cost telephone line which you would still have to use to get them to arrange to fix anything or give advice, wasting even more of your money :(

not sure where the best place is nowadays for pc purchase. never tried online...

  I. T. Mastermind 15:41 20 May 2007

yeah, I have to admit its cheaper on the whole to buy but i'm still gonna be building cause I like it so much.

  theDarkness 15:48 20 May 2007

oops u meant building from scratch. any good websites? zzz. lol more coffee

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