Did anyone else see this?

  pj123 12:32 02 Dec 2004

In one of the many PC magazines I get I saw a review on an MP3 Player. Nothing unusual in that except this MP3 Player looks like an ordinary Cassette. The idea being that it can be played in any car radio/cassette player without using adapters. It was priced a £74. I now can't find this review anymore. A clue maybe that it was in either PC Advisor or PC Answers. I have looked through the current volumes I have but unfortunately, when I finish with them I give them to "Save the Children" for onward sale.

I have tried Amazon and Dealtime but maybe this product hasn't hit the streets yet.

  PUNKA 12:57 02 Dec 2004

Intrigued me to, it is called a Digisette Duo DX.

  Sethhaniel 13:06 02 Dec 2004

Digisette Duo-DX AR-496
A neat idea for music lovers on the move.
Niall Magennis, Personal Computer World 06 Feb 2003
It might look like your average cassette tape, but the Duo-DX AR-496 is a combined MP3 player and dictaphone that allows you to encode MP3 files directly on the player.

The unit looks impressive thanks to its dark grey aluminium casing and feels like it could take a few hard knocks.

The lack of buttons also backs up this no-frills sturdiness, but it does mean that the transport controls generally have more than one function. For example, during playback pressing the Play button repeatedly will skip between the various EQ settings.

We were a bit disappointed with the fast forward and rewind setup as, although they allow you to skip through a track, there's no audible cue to give you an idea of where you are in the song.

There's no LCD display to show song titles or where you are in a track, but it does have an LCD remote on the headphones.

When we placed the Duo-DX into a cassette deck, sound quality was clear and crisp with plenty of bass, but bizarrely the playback through the headphone socket wasn't as good.

The unit can play both WMA and MP3 tracks but we encountered a strange problem with some VBR (Variable Bit Rate) MP3 files.

When we turned the Duo-DX on and started playback of the VBR file immediately, it would play without any problems. However if we played a non-VBR file first and then skipped to the VBR track the song would jump and skip during playback.

We also had problems with the onboard encoding. When we placed the Duo-DX in the tape deck and pressed Record the results were always quite quiet so a lot of hiss was recorded.

The encoding isn't of great quality anyway as it introduces lots of MP3 artifacts such as warbling on high-frequency sounds and poor bass reproduction.


96MB of storage
USB connection
Headphone out and magnetic output to cassette deck
63 x 102 x 11.5mm
6hr quoted battery life
Windows Media Player, Duo-Manager, Audible Manager 3

Price: £199 (£169.36 ex VAT)

  pj123 13:13 02 Dec 2004

PUNKA, that looks pretty good but from what I remember it 256mb. Just tried Amazon with that description but this is obviously not the one. Amazon say it is a discontinued model but the review I read is new.

  pj123 13:20 02 Dec 2004

Sethhaniel, it was priced at £74. So again this is not the one we are looking for.

I am now going through all the mags I have here page by page. But I fear I have already given the one I need away.

Never mind, I am sure it will come up again. It's just a shame that I am getting so old I can't remember where I read things anymore.

  Sethhaniel 13:49 02 Dec 2004

click here Cassette MP3/WMA Player

What a Great Idea! At the first glance you may think this is a cassette tape. DAH225M, however, is MP3 player shaped like a cassette-tape and working in the same ways as a real cassette tape does when inserted to a cassette deck. Out of cassette deck it does everything that MP3 players are meant to do and it is so slim and light that you can easily carry it anywhere. Perfect for Walkmans and Car Stereos.

Directly connected to other music sources (CD, Cassette tape player and radio), DAH-225M can convert any sounds to digital audio files.

Aside from playing various kinds of audio digital files (MP3, WMA, ADP, Audible Ready from click here and others), even files recorded in very low bit rates of 32 Kbps, DAH-225 can record up to 9 hours (128MB) of conversation or lecture with an internal icrophone which will help your study or business very well.

EQs can be selected for your taste or the kind of music you are listening, which will realize high-quality music.
Versatile repeat modes (Sector, Song, All songs and Random) will help you listen to music with less manual work and you can also search the part you want 4,8,16,32 times faster (FF/REW).

In its Back-lit LCD screen all major languages are displayed (English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean) showing all the necessary information, song title, battery condition, mode, volume, track, play time, repeat mode and others.

DAH-225M can be used as a portable data-storing device not only for music files but also all kind of files (text, photo, program) and moving files from or to PC is so easy.

DAH-225M can play music for up to 7 straight hours using a single Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

DAH-225M has OS compatible not only with Window 98, ME, 2000 and XP but also Macintosh OSP or OS-X and iTuner 2.0 or higher.

Age Group: n/a

System Requirements:
Compatible with Window 98, ME, 2000 and XP, Macintosh OSP or OS-X and iTuner 2.0 or higher.

NOTE: Please ensure that you have the correct system requirements as the cost of shipping is non-refundable for items ordered incorrectly.

  Sethhaniel 13:52 02 Dec 2004
  pj123 13:58 02 Dec 2004

Sethhaniel, that looks better but I would have thought that a Magazine Review would be quoting the RRP, which in this case was £74. I would have thought the street price to be lower than that.

  Sethhaniel 14:00 02 Dec 2004

computer components pc systems and peripherals at aria.co.uk click here
... MP3-ARIA-225S256. 256MB Cassette MP3/WMA Player. £74.00 ex, £86.95 inc.

  pj123 14:01 02 Dec 2004

Sethhaniel, responded too quick. That looks like it, but still higher priced than the review I read.

  pj123 14:04 02 Dec 2004

Sethhaniel, again responded too quick. That's the one. Thanks.

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