Dictaphone to Text

  roygbiv 09:57 19 Jan 2004

I have a friend who has purchased a Dictaphone (Olympus DW-360) with Digital wave Player software.
She has asked me , if she can use the recorder to dictate, download to PC (straight in a word processor?). (NOT speech recognition).

If this is possible, easy to follow instructions would be great, THANKS .

  smegs 10:42 19 Jan 2004

click here not sure if this is what your looking for!!

  DIYgirl 11:21 19 Jan 2004

If she wanted to download the speech into a word processor then surely that would have to involve some sort of speech recognition? Or did she just want to keep the sound file on her computer?

  roygbiv 12:49 19 Jan 2004

she wants to dictate into the olmpus DW-360 (at work) then (at home) download it on PC striaght in to Word processor.

Sorry for the limited info. at the moment (all i have to go on ).
The software that comes with this machine (Digital Wave Player)might have the programe on it ???????? (anyone know?????)

  wildrover 14:01 19 Jan 2004

roygbiv, I've never found a way of doing this. But would love to know about it if anybody does!!

I know you say NOT speech recognition but that's the only way I have found to do the task. Whenever I need to transcribe recorded text (which I all-too-often do!) I use speech recognition software, i.e. play the recorded text into earphones and repeat into a microphone - saves on typing which i am really bad at!

  DIYgirl 14:08 19 Jan 2004

Some digital dictation things are compatible with speech recognition software programs. I think that Dragon recomends Olympus machines, but am not absolutely sure--you will have to check. The only way I know of to turn speech into a WP doc is to run it through a speech recognition program, though, so I suspect your friend won't be able to do without one.

The Digital Wave Player is just a little program which plays sound, I think (but am likely to be wrong with this one): nothing to do with speech recogntion, as far as I know.

  roygbiv 16:15 19 Jan 2004

she has win 98, word 2000, Dragon Naturally Speaking, so i think "plying the Dictaphone in to the headset/microphone is the way to go (not ideal ) thanks everyone so far

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