Diary Using MS Office

  GuZ><0r 22:32 01 Jan 2006

I want to create a diary using MS office. I have office 2003 with all the programs. Which program would be best for making a diary and, does anybody know of a walkthrough on how to do it.

Thanks, and happy new year

  VoG II 22:35 01 Jan 2006

Outlook, surely?

click here is for 2000 but not much different and should give you some tips.

  pauldonovan 22:38 01 Jan 2006

or calendar? As in not for electronic use but you want a paper-based diary?

Again, probably Outlook anyway - you should be able to print of a page-per day for a whole year I think.

  GuZ><0r 22:44 01 Jan 2006

Sorry, I didn't explain enough. What I want is a diary that I can update on the computer, and maybe if I want to print it off later, not a calender. And I also want it to be a page per day thing.

  pauldonovan 22:45 01 Jan 2006

then VOG is right - Outlook is your friend!

  GuZ><0r 22:45 01 Jan 2006

Also forgot to say, are there any other programs that I could use because the coputer is also used by other family members and I don't really want them seeing it. I would like to save it to a file.

  GuZ><0r 22:46 01 Jan 2006

I have just tried Onenote on office 2003 and that seemed ok, but it wasn't really a diary looking as I wanted it to be.

  VoG II 22:47 01 Jan 2006

Um, Outlook not Onenote.

  pauldonovan 22:48 01 Jan 2006

Why not setup different user for each, then outlook will store your calendar separately...

  GuZ><0r 22:49 01 Jan 2006

Well I want to keep it as one user, to make life easier.

Is there a way I can apssword protect that peice of outlook, but not the rest, as in e-mails etc etc.

  pauldonovan 22:58 01 Jan 2006

click here

See bit under "Outlook 98, 2000, 2002 or 2003" starting "Right-click on Outlook Today or the top-level folder of another PST file"

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