DiamondMax plus8 40gb h/d-pause at boot up.

  dagwoood 14:57 19 May 2004

I've had a new 40gb Maxtor h/d drive installed and have noticed that when I turn my pc on, it takes exactly 10 seconds for the boot up sequence to start.

I have the IDE-0 set as the first boot device on the BIOS, then the cd drive, then the floppy. S.M.A.R.T.is also enabled.

Does anyone know if the delay is a characteristic of the drive or should I be looking to change some other setting?

My system is, o/s xp, Athlon xp +2400, 768mb ram.

Any advice welcome, dagwoood.

  vinnyT 15:40 19 May 2004

Hard drives have to get up to speed before data can read, in most cases, the boot sequence is a:\, pos. cd drive then c:\, this gives the drive time to initialise. This may explain why you have that 10 secound delay at startup. Of course if I'm totally wrong someone else will be along with the right answer soon. Hope this helps.

  Charence 15:49 19 May 2004

I have a Maxtor 60Gb HDD and I also have similar delay, although I don't think it is as long as 10 seconds. I can hear a delay though so I don't think you have a problem with your drive.


  dagwoood 15:54 19 May 2004

Thanks for the input guys.

I can understand that there's delay for the drive to get up to speed from a cold start but if I restart my system, I still get a 10 second delay.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  lahorie 16:01 19 May 2004


I have 2 maxtor drives, a 80 GB which works fine - but like you, i have 40 GB one which delays for about 10 seconds before it reads anything.

I was told the drive was failing which is why i put a second one in as the master.

I still use the 40gb one though, works ok apart from this glitch.

  lahorie 16:02 19 May 2004

If you have the cd, you can analyse the drive to see if their are any problems.

  dagwoood 18:07 19 May 2004

Thank you for that.

I'd be surprised if the delay on boot up is an indication of an imminent drive failure, as the drive is brand new(then again, it's not beyond the realms of possibility for it to be faulty.
It came with the usual 12 months warranty, so if it does fail, I'll just take it back to be replaced).

Apart from this anomaly, the drive is great. As per Charence's and your postings, it's not uncommon for Maxtor's to pause on boot up, some I'm hoping that this is the case or it could be resolved by changing some settings.

I'll leave the thread open for now and see if anyone else has anything to add.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Djohn 18:48 19 May 2004

I've just tried a cold boot and a warm boot again as I did in your other thread 2x80gb Maxtor diamond max + 9's. There is still only a 2 second gap from pressing the power button to the single beep then the same again before the BIOS info is displayed on screen.

I'm not sure if there is a longer delay with the +8 that you have but still don't think it should be as long as 10 seconds. Todays drives like the one you have are very quick to spin up to 7200 RPM also the seek/access time of the head is measured in milliseconds.

Have a look at the Maxtor website and see if you can find any info there. click here the search box for your model is on the top right of the page with a drop-down menu.

The timing I've done is by no means technical, just by looking at the second hand on my watch face so may be out by 1 second but no more than that. Plenty of Maxtor users in the forum though and they will add further. j.

  dagwoood 02:17 20 May 2004

Djohn, it's my turn to apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

Thanks for the continued help. I had already been to the Maxtor site and performed a search to see it there were any references to my query in their knowledge base, but the search didn't come up with anything.

I did, however, download the Powermax diagnostic tool and ran it. It gave my drive a clean bill of health, so that would rule out something drastically wrong with my drive(thank god!).

I did, however, send them an email via the contact section to try and get an answer "straight from the horses mouth".

If I get a reply, I'll post on here what they have to say.

Cheers, dagwoood.

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