Dialup NTL Tiny PC Problems.

  PC Mad Boy. 21:30 15 Mar 2004

Hi all bear with me on this one:

Tiny PC running windows XP Home. Spec is awful, but it is for a friend of mine...spare me the remarks...lol!

Now due to some serious software errors we have reformatted the PC etc. XP is now all clean, all is reinstalled. The modem drivers is installed etc by the way it is a cheap AMR Modem.

We finally get online after a hoo ha, then we stay online for 30 seconds then it just disconnects.. This happens all the time. I have tried different drivers etc to no avall.

I tried a USB Modem, but still no joy. So fed up of working it our over there I bought it home and put a new PCI Dynamode Modem. The modem Diagnostics reports all is fine, the modem dials the number, but it will not connect error 678.

We are in different areas so I setup the dialing codes etc. This is driving me mad this project, regret offering to help!

Also would it connect here at my home if we are on Broadband? Just a thought?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:38 15 Mar 2004

Try a different ISP; it could be that the ISP is killing the connection.

  PC Mad Boy. 22:41 15 Mar 2004

Been with NTL for 6months. This has only just happened!

  Diodorus Siculus 22:46 15 Mar 2004

Try this: set up a new dial up networking account (My Computer, Dial Up Networking, Add new connection) and type in the phone number as 0845 609 1370. Enter the password as anything you like and the username likewise.

Or try any other PAYG ISP.

It's worth a shot.

  woodchip 22:46 15 Mar 2004

If it's the BT NTL Dial-up try this number all in one box on Dial-Up code 147008089909877 it may not connect first time as you are supposed to use the NTL dia-Up software but it's also a waste of time just use the number if he as an account but it will not work from your house I do not think as it goes through is line connection

  PC Mad Boy. 22:48 15 Mar 2004

that is what i thought, whether it was unique to his line! I will take it over.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:52 15 Mar 2004

Hence my suggestion of a different ISP to see what is happening.

  PC Mad Boy. 22:56 15 Mar 2004

Diodorus Siculus, true sorry i misread that. I will try that aswell, will i not have to sign up for a new service then? Or is this just another server number? Also, to be 100% sure the telephone line does go in the Line port doesn't it, and not the telephone?

  woodchip 22:58 15 Mar 2004

On is NTL it does not go into the NTL box it connects direct to line socket

  Giggle n' Bits 00:44 16 Mar 2004

from the same house connected to the web with No Problems ? it may be a line fault or poor line.

Yes it plugs into the Line on Modem.

When connected what connection Kbps do you have for the modem ? anything under 40Kbps and that why, also make sure the Regional settings, Time zone are UK, the Clock also can have funny effects.

If there is a Sky line into the BT socket, pull it out, it draines the signal.

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