diallers and 0900 numbers putting in big bills.

  jack 14:10 24 Sep 2004

This issue has been spoken of before and various links posted to useful sites.
I may be wrong, but I seemed not [so far] have been affected,because occured to be I am on
' prepaid' dial up with its special number[My calls do not go through the normal dial up network] I am right or just lucky?

However a friend has just had bill in and there is an 0906 nymber and a whacking £32 charge.
She is on cable [TV Phones all down the wire] but still dial up.
Whilst we on normal dialup can bar 0900 numbers through BT.
What can she do?
Indeed could not her cable company be held responsible for not filtering such traffic ?
Any views please.

  inneedofhelp 14:42 24 Sep 2004

she is responsilbe for not checking what number is being dialled before connecting. Also, if there was adequte security eg firewall and A/V, then this would be hard to happen. If you want my advice, no matter what connection you have, configure so that it come on when you want and not the second you turn on your pc. then you are in total control.

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