Dialing Out Problem

  startup 12:35 05 Feb 2004

Could anyone tell me how I can find out which program is dialling out from my computer every time I switch on or change from one desktop to the other. I have spent the last week uninstalling programs that I had downloaded from the web, i.e. Incredimail, Plaxo etc. and I have checked Norton Anti virus and Utilities to not update automatically (also Windows and the Time updater). Is there anyway to find out what is doing this and where the connection is going.
I have Win Me installed, Norton Anti virus, Zone Alarm, and have used Spybot from the cover disc but to no avail.
Any help would be appreciated.
PS. Have looked at the threads from 14-07-03 (Alcudia & It's Me) I wonder if the problem was solved?


  MichelleC 13:06 05 Feb 2004

Can you configure ZA to tell you what's trying to dial out?

  startup 11:11 06 Feb 2004

I have left a message on the ZA forum board as there was a referance to this problem there, however I dont think that ZA is the culprit. What I was hoping was that there is some program that can identify which item is trying to access the web, (I tried "dialout watcher" at one time but I couldn't make head or tail of the information.

  rawprawn 11:51 06 Feb 2004

It is more than likely to be one of your programs configured to auto update, look in ZA programs & see if you can see anything with "update or udt" listed. If not you will have to look at all the programs that can be configured to auto update, don't forget Wndows Media Player which I have found is one of the worst or Real Player.

  sicknote 11:58 06 Feb 2004
  startup 11:17 09 Feb 2004

Many thanks so far I'm working through the suggestions, one thing odd I have noticed - If I cancell the dialup when I start a session and at any time use Explorer, clicking on any folder icon in the lefthand payne imediatly calls the dial up box to start again trying to dialout. Is there any explanation for this.


  MichelleC 13:05 09 Feb 2004

Easiest way to stop it (unless you've done it already) is Internet Options/Connections, and check 'never dial a connection'.

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