Dialing out on Boot Up

  It's Me 16:16 14 Jul 2003

For the last few months my computer has been dialling out as soon as I boot up and mostly when I reboot as well. I have everything that I know of turned off from auto updateing.
Today, for instance, I got a report of 36600 rec'd - 3700 sent bytes followed after a 20 second gap by more activity finishing up with 86857 - 5805 Bytes. The volume varies, both ways and sometimes with a pause and sometimes not.
I have Tiscali as my ISP, I use ME. Norton Antivirus and ZoneAlarm both fully up to date. All I get is ZA asking about CC Common Client (Norton).
If I Refuse permision to ZA or otherwise stop the dial out, I then have difficulties closing down or restarting and on a long session the computer slows down needing a reboot to cure it. This doesn't happen if I let the dial out go through.
Anybody any ideas; I can live with it but it is annoying.

  alcudia 16:43 14 Jul 2003

Same here. It's a nuisance, but as you say we can live with it. I'm sure mine is caused by Norton, but yours may be Zone Alarm. It is a known issue with this firewall. Apparantly there is an update on the Zone Alarm web site which claims to fix it. In the meantine can you not just click on cancel when the connect box appears.

  It's Me 17:15 14 Jul 2003

Thanks, It is nice that someone else is suffering.
However if I click 'Cancel' as you suggest, about half an hour afterwards, I wish I hadn't, for if I want to close down it doesn't, needing a push on the restart button to get the d------d thing to work again so that I can close down properly, or else the machine starts its slow down with the mouse deciding it knows better than me its speed and where it should point and v. v. quickly it all slows down and unless I'm quick it all stops, nothing works, and I can't close down so the restart button is needed again. It is as though whatever is trying to dial out, that I stop, is saying that, if you do that I am going to punish you and make your life difficult!
Is this something to do with all the software coming from Ireland I wonder.

  alcudia 09:07 15 Jul 2003

It seems you have it worse than I do. I have had this happen in the past when going into device manager or Media Player. That stopped after a reformat. All I have now is the nuisance on boot up. Clicking cancel gives me no more problems.
Have you checked all your start up items through msconfig. It may be that something is running that wants to connect to its site. If not allowed to do so, it will not load properly, and so tie up your machine. Just a thought. Also you can try Ctrl-alt-del and close each item separately. If one locks your machine when closing you have found the culprit.

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