monkeyshine 23:32 24 Jun 2003

I have 'acquired' about 12 dialers all pretty dubious, They suddenly appeared in 'Fovorites' on 22nd June, just noticed tonight. Have run Spybot but they are still there. Haven't had to delete dialers for quite some time, so have forgotten how to.

  JFT 23:41 24 Jun 2003

Bring up task manager, look for the dialer's under processes, then
click "end process" for each one in turn. You should now be able to delete them.

  monkeyshine 00:06 25 Jun 2003

Nice one, JFT. Where is Task Manager?

  powerless 00:11 25 Jun 2003

Ctrl - Alt - Delete

Processes Tab - Right click - End Process

This is 2000 and XP.

Also reboot the machine into safe mode and run spybot from their.

Keep tapping the F8 key when the computer is starting and choose SAFE MODE from the menu.

Also click here

  JFT 00:12 25 Jun 2003

Press Ctrl,Alt and Delete together, that will bring up task manager!

  monkeyshine 00:30 25 Jun 2003

Thanks, both of you, they are not running in Task Manager, probably OK to jut delete from Favorites?

  powerless 00:34 25 Jun 2003


Yes and no...

Yes because that will delete the reference to the dialer in the favourites menu.

But the actual dialer as a *.exe maybe somewhere on the hard drive.

If you delete them from the fav's menu and then run spybot again you'll know if your all clear or not.

  monkeyshine 00:40 25 Jun 2003

OK I'll open one of them (they can't dial out 'cos Im on broadband) and see what happens.

  monkeyshine 00:47 25 Jun 2003

It kinda failed, they said we are installing a small plug in, yeah right and then this - "Just press YES in the dialog box when it appears.
This operation is totally safe and certified by Microsoft Authenticode" quotes are mine!. Yeah right!

  powerless 00:56 25 Jun 2003

Well why are you opening them?

I thought you wanted to delete them. Delete them from the the favourites menu?

Then run spybot to see if there still there.

Have you tried the safe mode option from above?

  monkeyshine 00:56 25 Jun 2003

Those little Bastids only sent Shortcuts to the recycle Bin!

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