ayrmail 21:44 28 Jun 2004

Can dialer's dial out on a cable broadband conections?
Norton picked one up and dealt with it.
I ask out of selfish intrest in my wealth or not.

  VoG II 21:46 28 Jun 2004

No they can't. But they can if you still have a dial-up modem connected.

  ayrmail 21:52 28 Jun 2004

If you've got the time,inclination and Its not a stupid question WHY?

  Dan the Confused 21:56 28 Jun 2004

I think they can cause system instability if they try to dial out on BB connections.

Why? So they can make money from the number they try to connect you to.

  ayrmail 22:01 28 Jun 2004

Sorry Dan the Confused, why can,t they , is it because the server dials up rather than my pc?

  Dan the Confused 22:14 28 Jun 2004

Broadband works differently to dial-up. click here gives a bit more info.

  hardware technician guy 22:20 28 Jun 2004

diallers can not call out on bb,as vog suggests however, this is possible if the dialup is still connected. There is also truth in that these diallers cause instability on bb connections (specific numbers cause more problems than most), run spybot and adaware to rid yourself of the dialer (turn off sys restore whilst you do this) then deploy a reg cleaner to completely eliminiate the problem.

  Forum Editor 22:43 28 Jun 2004

can cause any instability on an ADSL connection - although I have no evidence that they can't - and I certainly have never seen an instance of that happening. A dialer needs an analogue line to work on, and any attempt to dial out on a broadband line will result in nothing happening. I know that to be the case because I've deliberately tried to do it several times via a normal 56K modem on a broadband connected machine.

I'll be interested to hear from anyone who can explain to me how this instability occurs, especially why "specific numbers cause more problems than most".

  hardware technician guy 22:45 28 Jun 2004
  ayrmail 18:46 29 Jun 2004

or a Broadband/Cable-Modem,
ADSL/DSL, ISDN connection through our proxy servers from just
about anywhere in the world.
Dose the above from hardware technician guy's link not contradict previous posts or is this new?

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