Dial Up Window still keeps popping up!

  TonyV 19:38 05 Sep 2004

I tried to get an answer to this problem under "Dial Up Window comes up ad hoc!", and tried the various responses, thought I got it cleared, but it is now coming up again.

It happens almost every time after my machine has gone to sleep and is woken up by moving the mouse. But it is also coming up at other times as well!

I've tried to check the running programmes (ctrl, alt & del)when the window comes up but nothing is showing that shouldn't be. Even the Dial Up connection window is not showing in that list of running programmes.

As I said last time I have removed any reference to Gtek and AUpdate and removed any reference in the Registry to that as well. I've deleted Onspeed, which may have been the problem and removed all references to that in the Registry. I've actually cleaned the Registry using EasyCleaner. So now I am not quite sure what else I can do. I run Win98SE, Norton AV 2004 and ZoneAlarm Pro, which is the latest version. Norton obviously runs Liveupdate automatically, and ZoneAlarm also checks automatically for updates, But I have not had problems with these elements before. So I do not think it is coming from there unless there is something silly going off in ZoneAlarm. In any event, when I have clicked Connect once the window has come up, it goes nowhere apart from connecting to the internet, nothing else runs in the background.

Any further suggestions anyone?

  bamfiesler 20:15 05 Sep 2004

If it's not Norton or your firewall/AV application, it must be something else. Does your firewall alert you if an app. is trying to reach its homesite? Have you ran Spybot/ Adaware, or CWShredder?

  mammak 20:16 05 Sep 2004

Hi TonyV just a thought but will do no harm,
What's the status in tools> internet options> connections have you removed the connection from there? mabye put a tick in "never dial a connection" Or dial my default,
As i said it's only a thought but might do the trick. Regard's Mammak

  TonyV 20:44 05 Sep 2004

bamfiester, I've run Spybot and nothing came up there. I'm mot sure that ZA does warn you if an application is trying to get out. It does warn you if someone is trying to get in though!

mammak, I am loathe to click the never "dial a connection" because then it becomes a bit of route to connect then fire up Internet Explorer. At the moment, I fire up IE or OE and up comes the Dial Up Window which makes life very easy. What I will do is try one of the other settings, I usually have it set at "Dial my default", but will try it for a bit on "Dial whenever a network connection is not available" and see what happens then.


  kev.Ifty 21:24 05 Sep 2004

Hi Tony

Norton may be able to give some clues.

Open Norton, Click on Personal Firewall/Configure in the new window select the Programs tab.

Here you will find a list of programs which can connect to the internet.

Have a look to see if there is anything to go on there.

Cheers Kev.

  TonyV 22:24 05 Sep 2004

kev.Ifty, I've had a look in my ZoneAlarm pocket for Programmes and adjusted it to get rid of some that shouldn't necessarily be there! I will see what happens now! (I only have Norton Antivirus rather than their Firewall.)

  TonyV 20:16 06 Sep 2004

I thought I would let you all know that I have now tried all the suggestions to get rid of the Dial Up Window popping up on an Ad Hoc! basis all to no avail. This afternoon, I even did a Scandisk and Defrag, on the basis it could be something silly going on there, but it still pops up. The Scandisk found problems and rectified them. So one would argue that the machine is now performing as it should except for this rogue popup! I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that it may be better to take the machine back to the supplier, who built it for me about four years ago and get them to re-format the Hard Disk and reinstall all the other stuff I have on it afresh.
Thanks, everyone for trying to help, but I now admit defeat!!


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