Dial-up window appears on startup

  redelf 13:56 25 May 2003

Just recently, my dial-up window has started appearing automatically on the desktop when I start the PC. Easy enough to close it down, but how do I stop it appearing in the first place? Have checked it is not in startup group, and none of the IE or dial up connection settings tell it to do this . Any ideas ? (Using W98 SE and IE6)

  Lú-tzé 14:12 25 May 2003

Check what is in the startup tab of MSConfig - there may be something there which wants to "phone home" as they say; also, have a look at AdAware from click here - it may be some spyware which got installed.

Finally, have a look at what is running in the task manager - it might give you a clue.

  Andsome 14:20 25 May 2003

Have a look in Tools/Options, and ensure that automatically log on to Windows messenger is UNTICKED

  jbaker65 18:12 25 May 2003

Hi, this is a problem which may be caused by Zonealarm. I had this problem so I uninstalled zonealarm and used Agnitum firewall instead. Problem solved.regards, John.

  redelf 18:53 26 May 2003

Thanks all, but I don't see these as the answers:-

I had already checked startup & nothing there;
I already use Adaware and ran it, again nothing;
Nothing in Task Manager either;
Can't find what Andsome refers to InTools/Options - do you mean Internet Tools/Options ? No mention there (or under Tools/Messenger) of "automatically log onto Windows messenger"
I do use ZoneAlarm, and having been doing for 2 years without this problem, so whilst it may be a possibility, I doubt it.

  Andsome 08:03 27 May 2003

Try TOOLS/OPTIONS in Outlook Express

  Lardy FB 07:04 28 May 2003

when i am using my pc, the internet connection manager keeps appearing and some times i have to click close several times before it will go only to re-appear over and over again. any ideas please, it's getting very annoying!

  bambam005 21:28 28 May 2003

Have you tried deleting and then recreating the dial up connection in dial up networking? It can sometimes get corrupted and do this

  Morpheus© 21:32 28 May 2003

right click the IE icon , click connections, and tick "never dial a connection"

  redelf 22:34 29 May 2003

Tried ticking the "never dial a connection" - that just prevents me from being able to connect at all, so it is back to "always dial default connection".

Nothing worked so far - only a minor problem but really irritating.

  vinnyo123 04:28 30 May 2003

"never dial a connection should work" then when you double click IE the dial up window should appear then you hit connect.

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