Dial-up times out before download is completed...

  DIYgirl 19:34 22 Dec 2004

I need to download a large update for NAV (it's more than 26,000mb). I have tried a couple of times but each time, my internet connection (dial-up--after the last few days' farce we have given up with broadband) times out before the download is complete. And there is no way to resume the download once I reconnect: it has to be started from scratch again, so I can't get it onto my computer.

Any ideas?

  JoeC 19:38 22 Dec 2004

26 MB, then I suspect that it is a download made up of several smaller downloads ? If so, untick one or more of the boxes to make the download smaller and download in batches of two or three.

  beeuuem 19:45 22 Dec 2004

You need a download manager (or Opera) which allows you to resume the D/L if the connection is interrupted eg click here

  DIYgirl 19:46 22 Dec 2004

No, I tried that and it seems to be just one huge file. I think I am probably stuffed.

  Technotiger 19:53 22 Dec 2004

Hi, I use Download Accelerater Plus (DAP), this does allow downloads to resume after an interruption. Merry Christmas.

  CHAIRLEG 21:15 22 Dec 2004

Has your NAV got connections keep alive in web tools.

  GaT7 21:53 22 Dec 2004

I've never had such a large update with NAV but the URL update for Norton Internet Security (NIS)is usually a whopper. Are you using NIS (of which NAV is a part) & mean its URL update by any chance? G

  ton 21:56 22 Dec 2004

When I had dialup I used Star Downloader.

click here

There is a free version and has no spyware (a lot of downloaders have).

It will allow you to stop and then resume your downloads.

  TomJerry 22:00 22 Dec 2004

click here

freshdownload also good click here

  GaT7 00:41 23 Dec 2004

NAV has it's own updater called LiveUpdate. I don't think a d'load manager is going to help unless DIYgirl is trying to d'load the NAV updates manually - which I doubt she is trying do. Even if that were the case the single largest manual d'load for NAV that anyone can do at the moment is 8.68MB click here. OR, has she purchased an UPGRADE? This could mean a large d'load & a d'load manager will come in handy.

From experience (& from here click here) the easiest &, by far, the quickest way to d'load NAV updates (they're mainly virus defs) is to use LiveUpdate - even on dialup it only takes a few minutes. I've also noticed that the largest updates are usually for NIS.

Well, whatever is the case we'll have to wait for DIYgirl to comment. DIYgirl, please also see my previous post before you post again. G

  DIYgirl 08:06 23 Dec 2004

Crossbow7--I've checked, and this is what I am trying to download:

Norton Internet Security URL Updates

It is a whopping 26857kb in size (sorry, I put mb last time--it's all this Christmas spirit getting to me).

I am trying to download it using Live Update, but my internet always connection cuts out before the download is complete. There was an error message saying that the connection had been cut because of inactivity, but that does not happen any more (don't know why, I don't think I have done anything to stop it): now it is just that my ISP won't let any connection run for more than two hours (often less) before cutting the line. And with the irritatingly slow speed of my dial-up connection, this download takes longer than that.

Is it worth me trying the download managers suggested, or could they not penetrate the workings of Live Update?

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