Dial up speed seems to hav increased!

  taffyal 10:53 12 Aug 2004

Can anyone please explain why my connection to tiscali which has always been 44,400 has now seemingly increased to 115,200. As far as I know this is an impossible speed on a modem- & anyway, in fact it seems to be slower than usual. I get this new figure from the "connected" icon. I have restored to an earlier time when I know it was normal, to no avail! Grateful for any help, Cheers, Al

  Stuartli 10:58 12 Aug 2004

Sorry to disappoint, you are merely seeing the DTE speed (I think that's the correct acronym).

Go to click here for an explanation and anything else to do with modems.

  Stuartli 11:03 12 Aug 2004

It might be worth checking out if there's a new .ini file/driver for your modem - I get 49.2kbps with Tiscali and 50.7 or 52kbps with Pipex using a Diamond SupraExpress 56i V Pro.

Even so a pal with an under £10 software modem turns in 50.7 or 52kbps with a PAYG Tiscali account....:-(

  taffyal 11:11 12 Aug 2004

Stuartli,I vaguely understand whats happening, will study it later when I have more time. Strange how it suddenly started to do this! ( What do I mean strange? Strange is normal for my PC!!! ) Cheers, Al

  taffyal 16:28 12 Aug 2004

Thanks again, Stuartli. I downloaded a driver update for modem, & its back to the usual 44kbs.Dont understand what happened, out of date driver must have caused it to read the DTE instead of the normal!! All OK now, thanks for your help. Cheers, Al

  Stuartli 17:55 12 Aug 2004

If you still have the problem, go to Extra Settings and insert, depending on modem:

Accepted Wisdom for Showing DTE Speed

Chipset Extra Settings

Motorola atq=1\v=4

Rockwell PCI at+mr=2

Other Rockwell w2

USR &a3

All at&f1

USR modems are apparently very prone. Fix at:

click here (4KB)

  taffyal 16:26 13 Aug 2004

Thanks, Stuartli.Ill keep a note of this, but it seems OK at moment, & I dont have much confidence in myself, so wont touch it till I have to!!
Thanks again, Al.

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