dial up speed and dap help

  patso 21:50 21 Nov 2005

i have a very slow download speed.its coming in at 16.8 kbs and downloading at 1 kbs for progs.i have upspeed as well and was told to get down load accelerator plus.will this help or is it compatible with onspeed.onspeed is good for viewing but for me to down load anything else is a disaster with the speed.its a dial up by the way and broad band is not available in my area.any help please

  johnem 23:15 21 Nov 2005

Patso, before changing to broadband, I had been using Onspeed on my dial up connection, definately improved speed of downloads. I also use DAP, which seems to help speed up downloads, although the main improvement is that you can simultaneuously download form a number of mirro sites, which helps to increase the speed slightly.
Is your download speed due to line restrictions or the actual speed of your modem?

  ACOLYTE 00:20 22 Nov 2005

I cant help with the speed problem,but i would advise you change DAP for click here IMO its a lot better app than DAP,there are no adds and no spyware,DAP if i remember right does put adds on your system and shows some in the app itself,these could conceivably eat your bandwidth.

  patso 13:13 22 Nov 2005

sorry for the delay in replying johnem and acolyte.yes there is a problem with my land line which is not suitable for broadband and there is only one company at the moment making it available to me for 45uro per month not including line rental which is a bit steep for me at the moment,my present phone company can only offer me an adsl line which is the same price .acolyte thamks for the link.by the way my friend tried dap and it asked for his credit card number first .i thought this was strange .it said it was free for 30 days but was looking for his credit card number before installing.thanks for the replies patso

  patso 13:15 22 Nov 2005

ps johnem i have a 56k modem and the setting is on 111000kbs when i go into properties.is this set too high.

  flyingbrit 16:23 22 Nov 2005

When I was on 56k I phoned BT (my line provider)and asked them to turn my "line gain" to full, they asked me if it was for the internet and said "no problem" the download speed was upped from about 3.5 kb/s to 5.5 kb/s all for nothing, it may be worth a try.

  patso 22:02 22 Nov 2005

thanks flyingbrit i will try anything at this stage.i was on to up speed and they helped me with the settings as well.patso

  flyingbrit 11:42 23 Nov 2005

No worries......Did it help?

  patso 21:16 13 Dec 2005

no flyingbrit its a line problem and they can do nothing about it but thanks anyway

  Stuartli 22:36 13 Dec 2005

Do you have the latest/correct drivers for your modem?

Another possibility is that it is set for the wrong country, something which happens far more often that people might think.

I find FreshDownload (no ads etc) excellent for both dialup and BB downloads:

click here

The port speed should be set at 115,000 for a 56k modem.

  Stuartli 22:38 13 Dec 2005

>>my present phone company can only offer me an adsl line which is the same price >>

So why do you say you can't have broadband? Even more so if it's the same price.

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