Dial up problem

  R4S 20:56 06 Dec 2003

I have had to create a new dialup connection with my ISP after problems with OE5 & IE5.
My OP system is Windows 95

When I make a new connection I connect immediately with my ISP BUT when I redial the connection I get the error message Rundll

When I make a another new connection I connect immediately BUT when I redial the connection I get the error message again Rundll

Ad nauseum.... It is a pain to keep making new connections

Could anyone point me in the right direction please


  woodchip 21:22 06 Dec 2003

Before anything else just check this if you are Win98 or I think WinME. Go to My Computer and double click then double click Dial-Up Networking right click ISP/Properties/Server Types you should only have a tick in

Enable software compresion and


no other should have a tick

  R4S 19:47 07 Dec 2003

Actually I am still on Win 95

However unchecking all the boxes in server types and reclicking the two suggested i could reuse the dial up connection.

Alas at the next attempt i got the dreaded Rundii

I unchecked all the boxes in server types again and reclicking the two suggested I have reused the dial up connection.

At least I do not have to reenter all the details time and again.

Thanks for your input and would welcome any further, whilst I limp along


  squareye 21:07 07 Dec 2003

Sympathy but no solution I'm afraid.Have you tried setting up a connection to a different ISP, one of the pay as you go ones are handy to have, even if it's just for checking out this sort of thing, at least you know its not anything to do with your ISP if it still does it. If my connection goes wrong, I start getting error messages saying my password is wrong etc,when I know I haven't changed anything as its remembered so I dont have to put it in. After trying to fix the problem. I found it's easier to start with a new one, I have all the details (except my password), on a notepad file and just copy and paste it all in, the work of a moment.
Good luck

  curlylad 00:00 08 Dec 2003

RUNDLL usually indicates a problem with your modem driver.
You could try to uninstall and then reinstall your modem .

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