Dial up needed for pensioners.

  Sparkly 07:32 11 Apr 2008

Hi i have been asked by an elderly couple in thier 70s about setting up a dell pc they have been given by thier son inlaw they have been useing it for writing letter and playing solitaire, they have now decided they would like to "look on the internet" (there words)but they only want to use dial up pay as you go, but as most providers do B/B these days is it still possible to use dial up and where can they get the software/number they would need to access the net. The pc handed down to them is a dell optiplex windows XP Pro. Many thanks for any help.

  €dstowe 07:50 11 Apr 2008

It would be far better to investigate broadband. Dial up is very expensive if you are using more than a few moments a day and having experienced how enthusiastic elderly people are when they get online, I don't imagine a few moments will be sufficient.

  Sparkly 08:00 11 Apr 2008

Hi €dstowe yes i agree with your comment but as of yesterday they were determined to use dial up but i will try to convince them that B/B is the way to go. If they wont budge on this can you still get dial up? you dont ever see it advertised or referd to anymore? Thanks for the reply.

  Technotiger 08:13 11 Apr 2008

Hi, I think you might be surprised to know how many Forum members are Senior Surfers in our 70's and 80's, though I have not heard of any who are still on 'dialup'.

I am mid-70's and my only income is the state pension, however £10 per week MORE THAN covers all my phone calls, and my Option 3 BT Broadband - in fact I very rarely need to pay anything extra when I get my quarterly phone bills, because I am usually in Credit.

I would advise going for BT Broadband, a broadband BT HomeHub will be supplied Free with all necessary software, setting it up is an absolute doddle. Have a look at click here and click on the Home box on the site, for full information before deciding.

If they have any doubts or questions just point them to this Forum.

  BT 08:20 11 Apr 2008

Ther are still quite a few about. Google 'dial up internet'.
It seems to be about 3.5/4p a minute for subscription free, which is getting on for £2 an hour. Broadband fees would soon be covered by about an hour a day for a week and give unlimited access for a whole month.

  Sparkly 08:22 11 Apr 2008

Technotiger thanks i will print this, show them and with luck that will do the trick as €dstowe said once they have taken a look i think that they will want more, as we all know there is a wealth of information out there they will enjoy it. Thanks for the reply.

  Sparkly 08:23 11 Apr 2008

Thanks BT will do that.

  compumac 08:39 11 Apr 2008

In their seventies is not elderly

  Pine Man 08:57 11 Apr 2008

Just carrying out the relentless kingsized Microsoft Updates will end up tying their phone line up for hours and cost more than the BB subscription.

  Batch 09:44 11 Apr 2008

Unless one of the first things that is going to happen is to download large updates, there's no harm in trying dial-up first. That way they can try and see before they commit to a broadband contract.

AFAIK many of the providers (e.g. Tiscali) still provide dial-up at local call rates (4ppm peak, 3ppm evenings, 1ppm weekends).

WRT the updates - is it practicable to help them out by connecting to your own set-up first of all (although you might not want to go there).

BTW, I still have neighbours who installed a 2nd telephone line (5+ years ago) just for their Internet use (god knows why). I've told them several times that they should move to broadband as it won't cost them anymore, but it's amazing how slow to act (or intransigent) some people can be.

  Georgie68 09:52 11 Apr 2008

I still have my aol dial up connection which costs £15.99 a month. Far cheaper than if you're on pay as you go and going to be doing quite a bit of surfing.

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