dial up modem cables, are there different kinds??

  Superstylin 14:08 27 Dec 2005

hi, i had my laptop with me at my parents for xmas hoping to use it on dial up but had problems connecting, with the modem giving no dial tone. i used two different cables, one of my own (rj11 to rj11 with bt adaptor)and my parents dedicated phone cable (rj11 to bt), but neither worked. my parents cable obviously works with their phone.

i'm back home and have tried my cable here (rj11 to rj11 with bt adaptor) but still no dial tone. i tried our dedicated phone line cable (rj11 to bt)and this works.

are ther different types of phoneline cable? one that might work with a phone but not modem, one that works with both?

  Freddog™ 14:11 27 Dec 2005

Maybe there is different voltage/frequency?? I dunno.
Sorry mate.

  woodchip 14:15 27 Dec 2005

If there is a Extention that may be the problem as these are connected in different ways. Try it direct in master socket. But the Phone number is different so don't think you will be able to connect other than from your own line

  pj123 17:19 27 Dec 2005

You tick this thread as resolved click here with no indication whether it was solved or not and now you start another one with the same problem???

  Superstylin 11:09 28 Dec 2005

hi pj, i ticked the other thread as resolved because the original question was answered ie i found the cause of no dial up tone, a bad cable,and i said so in my 2nd post. i began this post because the title did not reflect the new question. apologies to all if i have contravened forum etiquette.

  Superstylin 11:14 28 Dec 2005

thanks for your post on the other thread pj it appears the problem was that i was trying to use 4 wired cable when only 2 wired would work. i'll tick this as resolved

happy new year to all

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