dial up isp-cheap and reliable pay as you go

  holly polly 21:16 05 Jan 2004

hi mate of mine was on freeserve anytime wasnt getting online enough ,so as decided to go on a per minute contract,i would be obliged if anyone would supply details of isp which are a per minute charge and are cheap and reliable -regards-hol pol....

  Djohn 21:27 05 Jan 2004

One of the best can be used from any phone number and you just pay the cost of local call. My son uses them for when he travels about with his laptop. "Freeuk" click here

  holly polly 21:36 05 Jan 2004

Thanks for the link ,but just how much is the price of a local call ? connection charge +1p,2p,or3p per minute ,what i'm wanting is a isp with a low charge of a penny a minute ,i believe bt openworld do this ,please correct me if i'm wrong -regards-hol pol....

  beeuuem 21:40 05 Jan 2004
  Pistola 21:48 05 Jan 2004

Hi Holly

I use Tiscali PAYG and found it reliable.

4ppm Day 1ppm eve & weekends see click here

Good luck

  mammak 21:59 05 Jan 2004

Dail up well there are load's around 1p per minute
but then think of the VAT on your phone bill is it worth it ' some ISP's anytime are as little as £12.99 a month £3+ a week.

  Djohn 22:09 05 Jan 2004

Hi Holl poll, that's it, no charge from the ISP just the cost of a local call from BT which will depend on the time of day or weekday/end. I think you can get a fixed cost of 1p per min. from some ISP's, but you will also have to pay the ISP a monthly fee as well.

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