dial up fails, crashes and shuts down

  pistolpete 22:08 02 Jul 2006

Hi All,
Can anyone help me with a problem that's driving me nuts. Over a period of 3 months my pc initially kept dropping my dialup b'band connection, with increasing frequency. The connection couldn't then be re-established without re-starting. Error dialog was '619' (password or name wrong) but my isp says all ok their end.
Then pc started crashing, then unable to shut down, then it would restart itself. Eventually my hard drive failed completely.
Sooo, new drive, clean full re-install. Everything worked fine - for a month, now the process has started again, line drops, crash, etc, and it's getting worse just as before. I've updated every driver incl m'board but no change.
Help! ANY ideas welcome.

  xania 08:57 03 Jul 2006

I'm not clear whether you have dial-up or broadband, and you don't mention your OS, or ISP. Anyway I would think that you probably have a connection weakness causing the problem and damaging your software as a result. It could be the modem that at fault, or one of the connection cables, or the power supply etc. Of course, there could be a problem with your telephone line either before it enters your house, or after. I would suggest that a start point might be if you could swap your connection hardware with a friend and see whether the problem moves to the other PC or stays with you. However, you may well need to repair Windows, and I would recommend at least SFC /scannow (with your install CD in the CD drive)once you have the different hardware available. Note - you should swap, modem, router, all cables and your splitter.

  Graham ® 09:24 03 Jul 2006

Assuming Broadband, this has all the hallmarks of a line fault. It may seem odd that this would cause such disruption to the PC itself, but it does.

  pistolpete 10:18 03 Jul 2006

My os is xp pro, isp is eclipse. It's an ADSL dialup connection.
I'll chase up my isp and see if they can get bt to check the line.
I'm curious to know how a line fault (or modem) can have such dramatic effects on my pc, if you can explain a little further I'll be most grateful.
Many thanks,

  Graham ® 11:50 03 Jul 2006

I can't explain the connection, except to say past experience points to a line fault. Perhaps the build up of errors makes Windows think it has a problem.

A friend had just such an experience. Once BT had accepted there was a fault, and their contractors repaired 3 seperate underground faults, all the other PC-related problems disappeared.

  Stuartli 12:03 03 Jul 2006

pistolpete means BT line broadband (Windows treats it as a dialup connection) rather than cable.

  xania 08:54 04 Jul 2006

Put simply, the reason why a line fault can cause such choas is that, when the line goes down it can interrupt a write to the hard disk. If this corresponds with other action read/write interactions affecting Windows itself, the file inquestion can become corrupt, and then the whole thing cascades down until Windows becomes unusable. Trouble is that, once you have a problem, the cascade can hide the true cause. You need to trace the cause AND remedy the damage its generated. I recommend that, once you have reinstalled Windows, you take a copy and store it either on a CD or in a hidden partition on your hard drive. Then its much quicker to get a clean version of Windows once trouble stikes.

  Graham ® 09:37 04 Jul 2006

That explains things perfectly.

It also explains how, many years ago, a TV card kept destroying the hard drive. After 3 replacements under warranty, the vendor replaced the PC.

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