Dial Up Error Code 678

  Chris Webster 23:57 18 Jan 2007


I'm trying to sort out a friends dial up connection which when trying to connect to the net comes up with the error code 678.

The thing is that it doesn't happen every time. He can connect to the net one day but the next day it throws up the error code and will not connect. If he leaves it a day it will then connect again.

I've googled the eror code but to be honest I don't quite understand all the suggested solutions it throws up.

Would uninstalling and then reinstalling the modem and deleting the dial up connection and then making a new manual connection make any difference?

(XP Media sp2, ISP is btopenworld)

Thanks, Chris.

  terryf 23:58 18 Jan 2007

As you have described would be my first try

  sue-221294 00:33 19 Jan 2007

hi i had this problem last year with error code i was told that if you get any errors with 600 up to 699 it's a computer error could be the telphone cable may have a loose end or break, any number in the 700's then it's the exchange.
hope this is of use

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 19 Jan 2007

click here

No answer from remote computer.
1. dialed wrong number
2. remote connection overloaded

Sometimes if you are dialling at a very busy time you cannot get through did your ISP give you any alternative nmbers to dial ?

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