Dial up, connection then disconnection!!

  Keithrow 20:06 18 Dec 2005

My old computer is now with my father who is trying to get 'on-line'.
His first provider was AOL but he had problems with e-mails, the sending part. His next try was with Tesco dial up. He is most frustrated as he is continually disconnected, sometimes within a few seconds other times he may manage to stay connected for 20 minutes, while he is trying to write e-mails. I don't think it is because of inactivity as on my latest visit, I was continuously disconnected while trying to reach web sites.
I tried to install Tiscali, as we had heard it had a good reputation. No luck. We didn't even manage to find the Tiscali web page on many occasions and when we did, couldn't stay connected long enough to complete the registration.
The PC is running w98SE.
Any suggestions??


  Stuartli 20:18 18 Dec 2005

There are one or two (or more) possible causes.

The first, of course, is Disconnect if Idle in IE's Connection tab (I'm assuming that its Microsoft IE browser and Outlook Express) and the second possibility, amongst others, is that OE's Send/Receive panel has been Enabled to Hang Up After Collecting Mail (click on Details button).

  Stuartli 20:18 18 Dec 2005

..or Disconnect after X number of minutes...

  Keithrow 20:58 18 Dec 2005

Thanks for your help. I don't think it could be 'disconnect if idle' as when we were trying to enrol with Tiscali, we were disconnected whilst in the middle of registering. In fact despite many futile attempts, we never completed the registration process.
The second, I'll get back to him, Dad, to see if that could be the cause.

Ironically, after supposedly removing via control panel the Tesco material, when Tiscali was trying to find its 'home page', it was doing it via Tesco's search engine. On all bar one occasion we could not find Tiscali's site. Mostly we were disconnected but once managed to start the on-line part of the registration only to lose the connection before completion.

Please excuse the delay but Parkinson's rule my hand movements

  VoG II 21:01 18 Dec 2005

It might be an idea to get BT to check the line.

  Keithrow 21:11 18 Dec 2005

Hi VoG™, I thought of that prior to my last visit, The line is supposedly ok.

I understand that Tesco has its internet service provided by NTL. Could it be lack of capacity causing the problem?

Also, why would Tiscali be using Tesco.net to find its home page prior to on line registration. Is there anything we could do to ensure that all parts of the Tesco dial up service is removed before attempting to install Tiscali?

  realist 21:11 18 Dec 2005

I use AOL 6.0 dial-up on w98se and with a software helper called "Momo's AOL anti-idle" I stay connected all day. I'm surprised your father had a problem with email on AOL as with their wrap around browsers email is a simple click away. You shouldn't use AOL 9.0 with w98se if it can be avoided.

  Keithrow 21:22 18 Dec 2005

Hi realist

Dad's 76 and never used a PC before, although I'm sure that this age is not unusual for members of this forum and I'm by no means suggesting that he is an 'old dodderer' and past his 'sell by'.

He was trying to send photo's with his digital camera's software, Canon, which supposes the user is e-mailing with 'outlook express'. He couldn't get his head around any 'work arounds' and so switched to Tesco. I think he was using the later versions of AOL though.

  realist 21:33 18 Dec 2005

I don't know how other isp's configure their email and not familiar with the Canon software, but with AOL it would have been a case of simply saving the image as ,say, a jpg file and sending it with email as an attachment. It seems daunting but after a couple of goes becomes like second nature. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  Keithrow 21:49 18 Dec 2005

Thanks for you help. 'Every little of which....' as the saying goes. Canon's 'zoombrowser' is a foolproved way to select pictures for e-mail, as long as you are using outlook express. It also gives you the oportunity to lower the resolution of a photo or photo's thus making it quicker to send if you are using dial up.

  Keithrow 22:09 18 Dec 2005

Got to go for tonight.
Any other suggestions will be acted upon in the morning.

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