Dial up connection settings changes in XP

  greenlamp 00:13 21 Feb 2004

A friend running XP Home addition is having a problem with dialup connection Settings.
When they launch IE the dialup connection box doesn't always appear, when they examine the dialup setup box the "Always dial my default connection" option is not selected, they then select this and connection is possible. However after about 2 or 3 times it again becomes deselected. Has anyone else suffered from this and if so any cures.

  Rtus 00:22 21 Feb 2004

is this an upgraded w98 version ?

  greenlamp 00:29 21 Feb 2004

I don't think so, it's a new PC [only about a month old] but I'll check with them - however as communications are international it may take a little while for an answer.

  greenlamp 22:00 23 Feb 2004

It is a clean install

  Rtus 22:56 24 Feb 2004

Ensure the Internet connection boxes show only one connection .I-e if you have pay as you go ISP or MSN,I found They over rode the preferences Until I removed them leaving only 1 Isp as default.Xp seems to have the habit of deselecting your chosen Isp if you didnt use it last time on the net ,I also find if I close IE after its line been dropped the next time I start I have to manually make it dial up. Maybe some one more at home with Xp can say how to force the system to behave..LoL.

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