Dial up connection screen problem !

  curlylad 15:58 03 Jun 2003

When I click start , run , then type the name of the required site for viewing, then ok , the "action canceled/failed to connect " screen immediately appears, instead of the dial up connection screen appearing first.
To get the dial up connection window to appear I am first of all having to go into outlook express.
This has only been happening the last couple of days.
I have not changed any settings at all , why is this happening all of a sudden and how do I remedy this please ?

  otubby1 17:40 03 Jun 2003

Why do you have to go through all that, when simply double clicking the Explorer icon on the desktop, or clicking on the site you want in your favourites should do the job?

  curlylad 10:58 04 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice otubby1 , however , when I double click explorer icon on the desktop it immediately shows the page cannot be displayed screen . And when I try to gain access via the favourites route on the start menu , as soon as I click on the site I require , it again immediately shows the page cannot be displayed screen .Why can I only access the net via outlook express ?

  otubby1 11:22 04 Jun 2003

It could be, and this is only a guess mind you, that Outlook Express is overriding one or more of your connection settings. If you let the thread run a while, as it was very quiet last night, I think some of the more technically minded may be on tonight and give you a better idea.

Good luck with it.

  cracker²³ 13:36 04 Jun 2003

Have you tried in IE, click on file and make sure "work offline" isn't ticked

  otubby1 15:40 04 Jun 2003

Another thought, in I.E. properties, click the programme tab and see if I.E. is ticked as your default browser.

You could also try resetting the defaults for your homepage and search by pressing the 'Reset web settings' button.

Again, just a thought.

  curlylad 18:21 04 Jun 2003

Latest update.
The work offline was not ticked.
IE is set as my default browser.
When I looked at the reset web settings window it said , do you want to reset your web settings to their original internet explorer defaults.Also reset my home page was ticked .
What do I do now otubby1 ?

  otubby1 18:52 04 Jun 2003

I hope somebody will come and confirm this but if you press yes, although it will reset your homepage, I think it only resets it to M/soft's page. You just have to then type in your homepage address once it is done.

I've never had to do this so I'm guessing, but I don't think it will make things any worse. At worst, it will probably just make Outlook Express load when you open it.

Like I say, I doubt if it will do any harm if you reset the defaults. Do you have your ISP details just in case? I.e. dialup number, TCP/IP settings etc? Or a tech help line number.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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