Dial-up connection and Excel problems

  titu 09:01 16 Jan 2003
  titu 09:01 16 Jan 2003

Can anyone advise me as to how to get rid of the pop up message? It happens everytime my PC has started.
Also, is it necessary for me to do a back up if i want to reload Office 2000? My excel kicks me out everytime i want to use it and i thought reloading might solve the problem?
Lastly, how do i get rid of startup programs which i do wnat cos its slowing my PC?

All your help will be greatly appreciated.

  VoG™ 09:03 16 Jan 2003

Do other Office programs (e.g. Word) function OK? If so, in Excel, try Help/Detect and repair.

  brittas 10:44 16 Jan 2003

do you have a legit copy of office 2000 ???
if a pirate copy of office is mixed with a legit package - say ms project, the two clash and will not open (well only for a second or two)!!!

  jazzypop 10:58 16 Jan 2003

For advice about start-up problems, click here

What is the exact wording of the pop-up message, and when does it appear?

  jazzypop 12:02 16 Jan 2003

Received by email....

"I want to get rid of this message as it is really annoying me!

Many thanks"

I'm sure you do. I repeat - What is the exact wording of the pop-up message, and when does it appear?

Please post your responses via the "Add a new response" box at the bottom of the page. This will make them visible to other contributors who may be able to help more than I can.

  titu 15:14 16 Jan 2003

Basically,this pop up message appears at the desktop prompting me to go online once i have logged in.
It will ask me for my user login and password just like when you want to go online.

Thanks again and i hope its clearer this time.


  jazzypop 17:34 16 Jan 2003

OK, that helps a little.

Basically, a program on your PC is trying to 'phone home'. This could be a perfectly valid program, such as an anti-virus checker trying to download the latest definitions, or Windows Update checking for new updates.

It could also be something more sinister. To eliminate these possibilities, follow the advice in the link that I gave you above.

If you are unsure about any specific programs that appear, for example within msconfig, feel free to post back and check about that specific program.

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