From dial-up to Broadband

  Eargasm 23:31 23 Nov 2004

Hi all

My b/b package arrived today and i intend to set it up 2 morrow,at the moment i am on dial-up i have dialer control set up on my pc which only allows my dial up number to be accessed.
Do i need to uninstall this program before inserting my b/b cd? Also will my new e-mail address in outlook express still have all my old e-mails in my inbox or should i save them to disc.
Thanks Phil

  Tim1964 23:40 23 Nov 2004

With BB you are not 'dialling up' in the telephone sense so you do not have to disable any rogue dialler software. It would be worth setting IE (or whatever browser) to 'never dial a connection' when you have BB set up. That way it won't cause problems if the BB and dialup try to access the net at the same time.

You new email address will be just that, new. The old address settings and mail will still be there but you will not be able to send mail using your old address just receive it.

  VCR97 20:01 24 Nov 2004

I had Dialer Control on this XP system. It prevented the Speedtouch BB modem from connecting. There was an error message saying that the modem wasn't configured correctly. I disabled Dialer Control and all was OK and remains so. (I posted about this a few days ago.) Remember to temporarily re-enable DC if you ever need to use the dial-up.

  Eargasm 21:00 05 Dec 2004

I think i have missed something here,my b/b package is now up and running.

However when i first switch on mp pc i am not connected i have to click on tiscali broadband icon then i connect.

Tiscali homepage reccomends to tick "never dial a connection" in control panel/ internet options but when i do this i can't connect.

I have to go back and click on "always dial my default connection", which happens to be tiscali broadband (default).

Have i set it up wrong somewhere?

  Graham ® 21:19 05 Dec 2004

It is normal to have to connect by clicking on something, on mine it's IE. You may not want to connect every time you boot up.

  Eargasm 21:27 05 Dec 2004


That's just it i don't want my b/b on when i boot up, it's just that tiscali home page setting up b/b says to tick never dial a connection but if i do i can't connect.

I just wanted to know if it's ok to have it set to "always dial my default connection"


  Graham ® 21:39 05 Dec 2004

In Internet Options, I have 'Never Dial a connection' ticked.

In the top of Connections, you should see Dial up and VPN settings. Your modem connection should be there. If not, Add it.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 22:03 05 Dec 2004

im with tiscali bb but I have an ADSL internet icon on sceen wich I click if i want to connect to bb never connect is ticked dont have any trouble connecting neather

  Eargasm 22:08 05 Dec 2004

I can't find dial up and vpn settings anywhere.

I have just run internet wizard to set up b/b but it still won't have it.

if i choose never dial a connection it just won't have it.

Any other ideas ?

  Eargasm 22:11 05 Dec 2004

If i click tiscali icon when "never dial a connection" is ticked then i just get page cannot be displayed

  Graham ® 22:23 05 Dec 2004

Internet Options either from Control Panel or Internet Explorer, Tools. Connections tab.

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