Dial up on broadband

  Richard 08:32 23 Apr 2004

I would like to move to broadband but need to have an ISDN dial up connection to a company who I work for remotly but they do not have broadband facilities.

What I would like to know is:-
Can you use broadband to dial up an ISDN modem or
if that is not possible does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can have broadband and connect to a remote ISDN line.

The only solution I am aware of is to have two lines at home one ISDN and one analogue. I am told I cannot do this with the home highway setup I currently have. I would need to remove the Home Highway box and have a second line installed. Then pay for two line rentals. It works out as too much money.

Anyone any ideas?

  fitshase 12:19 23 Apr 2004

One possible solution could be to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with the company over the internet connection.

I am not a network specialist and do not know the ins and outs of VPN but I'm sure there are other users who know if it will work and how to set it up.



  Richard 13:59 23 Apr 2004

Thank you fitshare

My understanding is to set up a VPN you need to have some hardware at the end of the line. I am not sure what is required but I have been told it is expensive. If anyone has any idea what is needed then I can find the cost.

  anon1 14:19 23 Apr 2004

how about a second computer? You could pick up a cheap second hand pc these days. I assume you are talking about a closed network with your work rather than the internet. If you are simply connecting to the internet then you dont need isdn as that is just a means to connect. The other option would be to get your workplace to allow you access from the www domain as previously suggested with vpn.

  anon1 14:21 23 Apr 2004

Just had another thought here too. surely you can use both although you do not mention what os you are using but can you not set up to accounts on the computer and use 1 for broadband (private) and the other for isdn (work)

  pmjd 14:35 23 Apr 2004

Hi Richard,

I'm no expert either but I have a few suggestions.

I don't think what you are asking for is possible but a better place to ask could be the adslguide forums at click here

I do know that in order for our office to get broadband the ISDN line had to be completly removed first. However it was far cheaper to have broadband than ISDN.

For equipment have a look at companies like D-link and Netgear. They have VPN routers that can use a broadband modem to connect to a remote VPN router in another location. Cost is around £120 for an ADSL Modem (NOT a USB one, they won't connect properly with a VPN router) and the VPN router itself.

However, I think a VPN connection is probably more dependent on the company you work for having the capability to set up VPN access for you.

Not to be too nosy but is lot of data sent through your ISDN line? Could you get away with normal secure dial up for a few things and get to use Broadband for everything else?

Hope this is of help,

  TomJerry 14:55 23 Apr 2004

So, what you asked is not possible.

(1) Keep isdn line and get cable BB.

(2) Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) over any BB. You do NOT need any hardware for it. What you need is just a piece of software, something link vpn client. You need to talk to the company you work for to check the possibility. They maybe got something in place already.

  Richard 15:41 23 Apr 2004

Thank you all.

I do not think it is possible to set up what I would like and agree with TomJerry above. There is quite a lot of information passed from the company to me and back again. We did use a normal analogue line and it was annoyingly slow. I think if I want to go to broadband I will have to go back to analogue for the connection. I will continue asking for the moment and will follow the contact to Netgear or D link.

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