Dial up box and msconfig

  HauxtonPhil 15:59 26 Aug 2004

I am playing with an old Dell machine running 98SE, and accessing Internet with dial up to Wanado.The system also has Norton Internet security.
The dial up box appears on start up and NAV etc does not load until this has been cancelled innumerable times (or connected to Internet).
This subject has appeared several times here in teh last couple of months, and most people seem to recommend setting the connection settings to 'Never Dial a connection' but this stops ANY attempt at Dial up.
My main question is, if I use msconfig, and tick off the various Symantec bits (which I suspect are causing the problem) will I be able to click them on again when I've sorted which one is causing the problem?

  woodchip 16:03 26 Aug 2004

It is NORTON trying to update the Virus Files turn it of in Nav

  HauxtonPhil 16:06 26 Aug 2004

It is already turned off (at least it has a cross through it on the task bar). I actually don't think the machine is up to running NAV having very little memory, but thats a side issue!

  woodchip 16:13 26 Aug 2004

Then use Msconfig

  HauxtonPhil 16:16 26 Aug 2004

Thanks Woodchip, but if I tick something off in the start of msconfig, will it still be there to tick back on again later, ie. does unticking remove the item from the start up list?

  woodchip 16:20 26 Aug 2004


  HauxtonPhil 16:24 26 Aug 2004

sorry woodchip, is that YES it will be there to click back on again?

  CurlyWhirly 20:09 26 Aug 2004

When you tick an item in MSconfig it is disabled but if you want you can always go back to it and tick it again unless you delete it from the registry.

  HauxtonPhil 20:14 26 Aug 2004

Thanks chaps. I have solved the problem by disabling all the Symantec bits in msconfig. Of course Norton does not run any more, but as I said earlier, I don't think the machine was up to it anyway. I can still call it up if I need it. Even so, its not a very satisfactory solution.

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