is dial-up any 'safer' than broadband connection?

  Aitchbee 22:33 21 Dec 2010

Ive had dial-up for ten years and have managed ok. I dont download much (only updates for virus checkers etc.) Is there any advantage for me to go broadband apart from saving about £2.50 a month and a speed increase. I'm thinking that dial-up is safer. Is it?

  MAT ALAN 22:43 21 Dec 2010

Safety: A dial up connection is much safer than any other technology because of the rotation of the IP addresses, assigned to a user. IP address is a set of numbers assigned to you, that you use to connect to the Internet. So, wherever you go you leave a trail behind. Using a dial up connection, every time a person logs in, he does so using a new IP address. This makes hacking an account impossible and saves the user a lot of headache. IP address theft has some serious consequences, like someone can login using your IP address and do 'wrong things' that may actually point back at you.

  rdave13 22:53 21 Dec 2010

No. To be honest you won't be able to update your security apps in time to stop malware, supposing you have security apps.
BB is a different kettle of fish and you would need to have some good security.
My suggestions,
Firewall; PC Tools Firewall Plus.
Antivirus; Avast 5
Malwarebytes antimalware
All searchable on google.
Once you go to Broad Band you will not believe how you could have wasted sooooo much time on dial-up. ;)

  rdave13 22:55 21 Dec 2010

Where did you copy and paste that one from? What a load of bollocks.

  GaT7 23:08 21 Dec 2010

I'm not really concerned which is safer & which is not. I'm sure both have their advantages & disadvantages, & I think it's about having a commonsense approach to security whichever one you choose to use. And I couldn't agree more with rdave13 concerning the sheer speed of broadband - if it wasn't for this aspect I don't think I'd bother much with the Internet any more to be honest.

rdave13, looks like it was copied from "Advantages and Disadvantages of Dial Up Internet Access" click here. Mind your language though! G

  Aitchbee 23:27 21 Dec 2010

Thanks for your replies. Speed isnt an issue for me.This website works well on dial-up as do many others of a textual nature. If dial-up is a bit safer than broadband then i will stick to dial-up.

  rdave13 23:28 21 Dec 2010

I started to read your link and the first thing that got to me was the 'low cost'. Now, taken to heed the warning of "language", I'm slightly miffed at how to repeat "bollocks" in a nice way. So I won't say it in a non farming community.
That is surely "fair enough". :(
If you are happy with "dial-up" then continue to use it. Remember that there are other malware that can, and do, take over your phone line and can result in you getting some pretty hefty phone bills from your phone supplier. Bad part of dial-up.

  MAT ALAN 10:08 22 Dec 2010

I,m at work at the moment so when i'm at home later this evening i will gladly show you!!!!

  MAT ALAN 10:11 22 Dec 2010

click here


Managed to find it, I'll let you make your own mind up about the author of such statement...

  Woolwell 11:32 22 Dec 2010

One thing that hasn't been mentioned so far (at least I don't think so) is the ability to quickly download windows updates. Windows and Office Updates are an important security matter and without them your system is vulnerable. Many of these are large, especially SP, and take an age on dial-up.

  gazzaho 14:24 22 Dec 2010

You're not 100% safe as far as I'm concerned, risks are present either way, everyone's susceptible to a zero day attack. As I see it if you connect to the web you're equally open to attack using BB or dial up, If you use security software as rdave13 has suggested and a little common sense the chances of malware infection are lessened.

I personally don't see any point in staying with dial up, especially with patches and update file sizes continually increasing, I would hate to download a 100MB file with dial up, but if you're happy to .

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