Mick Robinson 22:48 07 Jul 2004

Right you guys have looked after me before and hoping you can do so again so here goes:

I am running WIN XP Home with an AMD Athlon 1.4GHZ processor but pc keeps freezing whenever it feels like it and really naffing me off - I have tried everything I can think of including new memory - new hard drive - updating drivers for motherboard etc etc but to no avail. My pc freezes on average a dozen or more times a day and only way to solve it is to press the power off switch and reboot.

Nothing on my pc has changed and I have run a full check with AVG 6 (Free) and AVG 7 (Trial) but no virus found so running out of ideas - in a perfect world there would be some sort of diagnostic program out there that would tell me what the problem is but running out of ideas fast so any help really appreciated before I go mad!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:04 07 Jul 2004

Regseeker....click here

CCleaner.....click here

These will clear out your computer big time....have you tried a full restore?


  Night Ryder 23:10 07 Jul 2004

Only place I can think you could look for this problem is the event viewer. I've tried this in the past with ... I have to admit, limited success so here's what to do. Right click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop and select manage. In the box that appears click on event viewer. Next click the plus sign to expand this. Now click on application to view the applications list. As you scroll down these you will very likely see some marked with a red error or yellow warning flag. Don't concern yourself too much with these at the moment. On the left pain right click on application and choose clear all events. Next go to the system in the right pain and do the same ..clear all events. Now you have a clean sheet, so to speak. Run your computer as normal untill the next crash. Once you re boot take a look at event viewer and see if there are any errors that may point to or help you identify the problem.

  LastChip 23:16 07 Jul 2004

Check your motherboard manufacturer's web site for the latest version of the BIOS and compare it with what you have installed.

I once had a machine that continually crashed and thought it was the VIA chipset and drivers that were the problem, but a BIOS update cured it.

A word of WARNING though. BIOS flashes should only be carried out if you are confident and know what you are doing. Get it wrong, and the chances are you will have a dead motherboard.

  hillybilly 00:05 08 Jul 2004

Tried checking the temp of the heatsink if your fans not working fully your CPU could be overheating and that could cause it to freeze.

check the temp in your BIOS settings.

  Mick Robinson 00:47 08 Jul 2004

Thanks for the advice guys - gonna try the first couple of options to see how I get on as although I havent tried checking the BIOS update yet the thought scares me to death.

Will let you know how I get on

  Mick Robinson 01:07 08 Jul 2004

Ok - installed and ran both Regseeker and CCleaner and also followed Night Ryder's advice too but as soon as I had done these the system froze again.

Once rebooted I went to the event viewer and true to form there were warnings there - I followed the links and Help centre advised updating the BIOS as this was apparently the problem.

This scares the proverbial brown stuff out of me so any advice on updating the BIOS for beginners would again be a lifesaver!!

  LastChip 01:39 08 Jul 2004

It really is preferable to have someone help you who has carried out this procedure before.

To start with, you need to identify the make and model of your motherboard (precisely). No room for error in any of this.

Armed with this information, go to the motherboard web site and find the latest BIOS update that is SPECIFICALLY for your motherboard and download it.

Also on the web site, should be very specific instructions for updating the BIOS. Print them off. It's no good getting half way through the procedure and then wondering what to do!

In general terms, there will be an update utility and the BIOS file itself that go onto a bootable floppy disc.

You then place the floppy in the machine and boot from it. Some of the newer utilities run a script that makes the process automatic from that point, others require commands to make the flash work, but all this should be on the manufacturers web site.

On NO ACCOUNT interrupt the process half way through and keep everything crossed, you don't get a power failure during the flash!

click here for more information.

  Mick Robinson 03:10 08 Jul 2004

Right I have got all the info from the FIC website and printed everything off so I guess its make or break time now.

I shouldnt be making a joke of this but if I dont get back to you to say a big thankyou you will know why :)

  Mick Robinson 17:45 08 Jul 2004

I'm back - seemed for the moment to have worked a treat - cheers guys!!

  LastChip 00:36 09 Jul 2004

The first ones always the worse.

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