Satmansq 20:14 09 Jun 2003

Does anyone know of a program to reliably diagnose hardware problems, or a method to use other than replace it and see.


theres a great thing called the pcadvisor helproom, its not a program but if you tell it the syptoms it tends to come up with an answer.

  hugh-265156 20:19 09 Jun 2003

i dont know how reliable this is,but seen it get good wright ups in a few mags lately.click here

you need to run it for about 6-12 hours supposedly

  Satmansq 20:44 09 Jun 2003

Thanks horiz but already posted problem with no results, posted under computer freezing if you would care to take a look and see if you could help

  Satmansq 16:31 10 Jun 2003

Thanks for tip huggy, tried Hot CPU,and it has reassured me about processor although it has not solved the problem, I am a little closer to a resolution.

Been reading other threads and going to try DirectX to diagnose Graphics and sound cards.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:35 10 Jun 2003

It depends on what component it is - you can buy stuff that will freeze the component for seconds but that is unlikely to help in this situation.

The only way to really find out is to repalce it and see. Reason being that software will never fully be able to intereact with everything installed.

  Belatucadrus 17:02 10 Jun 2003

Try system mechanic , it's free for thirty days and supposed to be pretty good click here

  Satmansq 09:18 14 Jun 2003

Thanks for all the suggestions currently awaiting delivery of a new hard drive, a long required upgrade anyway, and with any luck a cure

  Satmansq 00:45 12 Jul 2003

Despite misgivings when reading other articles finally built up the courage to flash BIOS.

This seems to have cured problem.

  ollie < one> 02:36 12 Jul 2003


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