Diagnosing ADSL problems - help needed?

  hairyfil 08:27 03 May 2007

I moved into a new house in March, and signed up with a new ISP - lets call them ISP A.

From day 1 I had problems - frequent disconnects, service going off for hours at a time, very poor performance.

Their tech support was about the worst I have ever come across. Phoning them every day for a month and they would still go through all the basic questions, "are you using an extension cable" etc.... They kept escalating to BT - BT engineer eventually came on site and declared the line to be good. The majority of their staff struggled to communicate in English - the curse of the Indian call center.

So after a month I cancelled and moved to ISP B.
And I'm still getting frequent disconnects. However I am reconnecting quickly - withing minutes instead of hours. Its not quite as bad as it was with ISP A but certainly its not right.

These disconnects happen several times an hour.

I am using a netgear DG834PN router - purchased new to replace my older netgear router - just to prove that it wasn't my equipment. I have tried 3 different adsl filter, as many rj cables to connect the router to the filter. I'm plugged into the master BT socket.

the router gives me these stats

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 7296 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 44.0 db 26.0 db
Noise Margin 8.9 db 21.0 db

So if we can discount my equipment since I've replaced it all, and BT says the line is good, and I've changed ISPs

What else could be wrong? What should I be asking them to check on next?

Can anyone advise me as to what diagnostics can/should be run to trace such a fault?

Any help/advise would be gratefully received.


  Ashrich 20:02 03 May 2007

Do you still get the frequent disconnects when you connect directly to the router via and Ethernet cable , worth trying this in case it is the wireless connection that goes down , wifi adapters in their various guises can be infuriating if they don't quite work properly . Are you using a built in wireless , PC card or USB ? What make and model ?


  hairyfil 08:44 07 May 2007

couple of things
I'm not using wireless, I never mentioned it.
Even if I was it would have nothing to do with how the router disconnects with my ISP

This is an adsl problem.


  setecio 09:51 07 May 2007

This site might give you some knowledge click here

  dunc1234 20:07 07 May 2007

had exactly the same issue on an installation and went through the same troubleshooting incuding changing out sockets.
problem was an alarm system connected to the A and B terminals on the back of the tel socket. after disconnecing the alarm all was sweet, told customer to call in alarm people to sort their side out and filter the alarm.

the other issue that causes the same is the tel socket cable from sky tv they insist on putting in, that MUST have a filter on or it will cause the problems you describe.

if you don't have an alarm or sky, ensure the router is on the master bt socket that comes into the house ( not an extention socket) take off the bottom half of the face plate and you can plug directly in to the socket, note that your phones won't work when you do this. if that sorts the problem, replace the face plate with a double socket one that has adsl and bt sockets on the front.

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