DHL and HP Can't Find My Notebook

  Bartlet 16:43 05 Feb 2007


I've a very bad story and need advice.

My HP Pavilion Notebook that I bought in November2006 needed its screen light replaced (apparantly). It took one week of being passed around HP Technical Support before they worked out what was wrong and another before I asked for a Supervisor who eventually transfered me to the Service Dept. And from there, everything was OK. They gave me DHL details and telephone numbers.
I rang DHL, they arranged for collection and gave me a tracking number. It was collected on Friday 12th January and carted off to HP. I rang HP today to find out where my laptop was - they have no record of my laptop and do not know if they received it or not.
I rang DHL and they can't help me without the tracking number. Now I can't find my tracking number.
What can I do?

  wee eddie 16:51 05 Feb 2007

Dates, times of calls, names of contact, anything.

  Bartlet 16:55 05 Feb 2007

I have all the dates, names of HP Technical Support in India, I even recored the telephone call with the Supervisor and the Service Department.

  wee eddie 17:07 05 Feb 2007

It's technically illegal.

However HP should be able to give you the details that they gave DHL, which might help DHL find your Tracking Number

  Bartlet 17:10 05 Feb 2007

Not sure about the legality of it - HP warn us that they can record the phone call and that it may be handled outside the EU. I also told them that I was recording it.

HP gave me their Airway Billing Number but DHL cannot track it without the Tracking Number, the number that I'm searching for!

  spuds 17:11 05 Feb 2007

I find this slightly confusing and hard to believe that two major companies have no way of tracing an item, that one or the other have dealt with. HP gave you details of DHL, and you then arranged with DHL to collect the item. In that case DHL would have details on record about you plus collection and delivery. The same should apply to HP, who would no doubt have a booking-in system. I assume HP are paying for collection and delivery.

Did DHL give you a receipt for the item when they made the collection.

  Bartlet 17:15 05 Feb 2007

I completely agree!

HP gave me their Account Number for DHL so it was charged to their account.

I rang DHL today to see if they could find my tracking number by searching my details in their system and they said no, that the only way to track items in their system is via the Tracking Number and that it is not possible to search via address, dates, names etc.

HP have no record of my notebook in their system (outside the Case Reference Number)

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